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No. 8, Alley 4, Lane 45, She Cheng Road, Shih-Lin, 11164 Taipei
Telephone +886 2 28114479
Fax +886 2 28121539

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interpack hall map (Hall 12): stand A77-3

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interpack fairground map: Hall 12

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.02  Packagings
  • 02.02.02  Packagings / Cardboard
  •  Packagings / Cardboards / Boxes (folded boxes, rigid boxes, cut-outs)

Our products

Product category: Packagings / Cardboards / Boxes (folded boxes, rigid boxes, cut-outs)

Japanese style cooking box long D4-2 sweetgum

Size: 20.2x13.9x5cm
minimum quantity: 120

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Product category: Packagings / Cardboards / Boxes (folded boxes, rigid boxes, cut-outs)

Sou cake box 10 inch warm love time A08-32-10

Heightening size: 30.2 * 30.2 * 16.5cm
minimum quantity: 300

containing cake 10 inch gold plate life. Pink flat T rope 90cm

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Product category: Packagings / Cardboards / Boxes (folded boxes, rigid boxes, cut-outs)

West Point C13-3

Molding size: 6.8 * 6.8 * 2.8cm (bottom size)
minimum quantity: 2400

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Product category: Packagings / Cardboards / Boxes (folded boxes, rigid boxes, cut-outs)

5 two moon cakes hand bag KS3-2 Jinming

Outer diameter size: 10x10x4 cm
inner diameter size: 8.5x8.5x4 cm
minimum quantity: 2000

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Product category: Packagings / Cardboards / Boxes (folded boxes, rigid boxes, cut-outs)

Gift box lid type heavenly make A04-7

Outer diameter: 23x23x3.6 cm
minimum quantity: 300

containing a pound or two inner sleeve 12, an optional transparent bags

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About us

Company portrait

Sanjiuxing was established in 1980, with a full range of professional carton packaging business philosophy, in order to enable customers to have a new visual sensory enjoyment in the commodity market, we continue to provide new international information and the development of new box-type ideas, creating exquisite and high value-added Commodities of value, simple and diversified packaging forms, the establishment of an efficient manufacturing environment, the investment in advanced national production equipment for professional machines, the creation of functional and aesthetic packaging styles, excellence, and lead the public to live in a beautiful new world. 
We passed SGS verification in 2008 and obtained ISO9001 quality certification. We continue to develop new box-type structure patents every year and obtain multi-national patent certifications to create professional packaging for products that meet customer needs.

We tailor new products for different customers, actively develop creative ideas, master the development market trends, and produce fully automated machinery and equipment in the factory. Leading peers in machinery and equipment purchased from abroad [cardboard tissue paper machine], [cutting machine], [hydraulic flat paper mill], [automatic box rolling machine], [windowing machine], [semi-automatic Hard Box Machine], [Automatic Hard Box Machine], [Book-type Gluing Machine], [Automatic Folding Box Machine], [Automatic Folding Box Folding Machine], [Automatic Multi-Function Gluing Machine], [ Fully automatic molding and pasting machine], [Automatic baking cup forming machine], [Automatic L-shaped pasting machine], [Automatic round box forming machine], [Bronzing machine], [Automatic box cutting machine], etc. Various machines and equipment. Fully automatic production of various box types and sizes can be negotiated, and the design and changes can be improved to make the finished product more diverse, and the molding process is fast, simple and efficient. 
In the future, I hope to make the environmental protection concept of packaging more professional and provide better service quality, so that packaging will add color, surprise and creativity in your life.

San-Chiou was established in 1980, a leading solution provider of professional paper package in Taiwan, which offer the satisfaction and amazing and tailor-made packaging experience to our customers.
We have pass SGS in 2008 and ISO9001 quality certification.
Our cutting edge paper box were patented in multiple developed countries, including US, UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, etc ..

San Chiou Inc. produced customized high quality paper package for customers, all the package was produced automatically by global leading utility companies.
We efficiently manufacture high-customized and high quality paper package by automation utilities, which were imported from worldwide well-known packaging utilities company. We can do ODM, OEM for paper package with our strong design team.
Eco-friendly is one of our company focus, saving energy, saving manpower are key things that we are doing now. Let the package become amazing and innovative in daily life.

Company data

Target groups
  • Food
  • Bakery products
  • Cosmetics
  • Consumer goods (non-food)