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Beijing Comens New Materials Co., Ltd.

No. 8, Yanshan Industrial Zone Fangshan District, 102502 Beijing
Telephone +86 10 80341745
Fax +86 10 81334705

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.01  Packaging materials
  • 02.01.08  Composite packaging materials based on
  •  Composite packaging materials based on Plastics

Our products

Product category: Composite packaging materials based on Plastics

Solvent Based Laminating Adhesive

Solvent based adhesive can do all the applications, from general purpose for snack to high performance for retorting. It is ideal choice for aggressive materials filling, high heat resistance, deep drawing and all other high performance applications in food and non-food packaging. Besides the regular product, we also have the special product to solve special problems, such as metalized layer transfer, boiling for metalized film, PVC lamination and so on.

Comens Adhesive Character:

● High green tack and final bonding strength

● Excellent heat and chemical resistance

● Excellent aggressive materials resistance

● High mechanical stability

● High transparency

● Fast curing

● Low solvent retention

● Widespread application

● Full range technology: polyester / polyether, aromatic / aliphatic, straight / reverse curing

● Many choices on viscosity: low, medium, high viscosity

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Product category: Composite packaging materials based on Plastics

Solvent Free Laminating Adhesive

The solvent free adhesive, as green product, is especially designed to improve operational safety and provide lower cost at faster machine speed. Comens supply one component and two component solvent free adhesives for all common flexible packaging.

The one component solvent free adhesive is -NCO based polyurethane that reacts with the humidity. It is mainly used in the Paper / Plastic films and Paper / AL foil lamination.

The two component solvent free adhesive can laminate plastic film, metalized film and AL foil. It can replace the solvent based adhesive in normal application.

Comens Adhesive Character:

● High bonding strength after curing

● Good heat and chemical resistance

● Low and medium viscosity

● Low working temperature, saving energy consuming

● Fast machine speed, high productivity

● Long pot life, easy clean

● Fast PAA decay

● C.O.F stable

● Excellent ink compatibility

● Low total lamination cost

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Product category: Composite packaging materials based on Plastics

Water Based Laminating Adhesive

Comens water based adhesives are designed for health, safety, environmental and economic reasons, with outstanding performance for general and medium flexible packaging application.

Comens Adhesive Character:

● Faster cycle time to slitting or further processing

● Excellent transparency on clear film lamination

● Easy mixing and processing

● Good heat, chemical, water and humidity resistance

● Can be used on dry laminating machine

● No solvents, no solvent retention

● Lower cost

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Product category: Composite packaging materials based on Plastics

AC Agent (Primer) for Extrusion

The AC agent is used to increase bonding strength on co-extrusion films. Comens supply solvent based polyurethane AC agent, which is suitable for the manufacturing of polyethylene extrusion coatings and polyethylene extrusion laminations by conventional methods (in-line) e.g. aluminum, nylon, polyester and cellophane.

Comens Adhesive Character:

● One and two component available

● Excellent heat and chemical resistance

● High green tack and final bonding strength

● Excellent adhesion property on films, foil and paper

● Water resistance, no hydrolyzing

● Can do boiling and hot filling

● Wide application

● Good frozen / thaw stability

● Solvent is easy to vapor, less energy consuming

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About us

Company portrait

As the leading Asian manufacturer of PU lamination adhesive and PU resin for ink, Comens is committed to be the strategic reliable partner for the customers. Now we have the biggest market share in China and export to over 40 countries. Thanks to the state of art factories and quality assurance system, we have the largest capacity in Asia, up to 60,000 tons/year, which can make sure that we can deliver the consistent quality products as you prefer.

Through the continuous innovations of our talent technical experts, we have the full range product lines to meet different requirements and applications, we can provide the one station service for the customers. And the strict product safety system can assure the final products compliance with the rigorous regulations and laws around the world.

Strong technical support is always our greatest strength. Our sales and technical experts are committed to helping the customers to meet their production challenges, streamline their operations and achieve their commercial goals.

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  • Cosmetics
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