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Sleever International SASU

15 avenue Arago BP 27, 91420 Morangis Cedex
Telephone +33 1 69747562
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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.04  Labelling and marking
  • 01.04.01  Labelling machines
  •  Sleeve labelling machines

Sleeve labelling machines

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging means
  • 02.03.01  Auxiliary packaging means / Bottle sleeves

Auxiliary packaging means / Bottle sleeves

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging means
  • 02.03.11  Labels
  •  Shrink sleeves
  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.05  Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Machines and equipment for the finishing of packaging media

Our products

Product category: Shrink sleeves

Mono-oriented shrink films

35 years of formulation expertise
Film Formulation, the first component of the Sleever System, is the province of Sleever Technologies which develops, adapts and produces a range of mono-oriented heat shrink films whose intrinsic properties form the basis of Sleever® and its many applications. A commitment to R&D (30% of group turnover), forms the spearhead and driving force of the group’s industrial set-up, enabling Sleever International to anticipate today the Sleever of tomorrow.

At the cutting edge of mono-oriented film technology, this world-class division employs a team of 200 engineers and technicians, some fifteen of whom are committed to research and development of the latest generation of polymer applications within a key manufacturing facility that is unique.

Over 50 exclusive formulation-materials
At its production site located in south-west France, Sleever Technologies develops the physical-chemical and mechanical characteristics of thermoplastic polymer formulations. For each of these the division adapts the elasticity, shrink curve, softening point, transparency, thickness (± 3 microns) and mechanical resistance to create the performance level required.

Among the most sought after characteristics are surface aspect, barrier properties (UV, O2, CO2…), special effects (holograms, soft touch), resistance qualities (shock, thermal effect, humidity) and recyclability. Over 50 exclusive formulations are currently available to create the Sleever range of solutions that can be adapted to your project.

A specific nomenclature
The films are classified according to a nomenclature that immediately identifies their origin (PVC, PET, OPS, OPP, TPE-G, TPE-S) and specific properties (thickness, resistance to pasteurisation, sterilisation, UV barrier, high transparency…). Sleever Technologies offers you the exceptional properties of these materials and guides you in selecting the most appropriate film to create your most ambitious projects, as proven by the billions of products enhanced worldwide by these high performance materials.

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Product category: Sleeve labelling machines

Labelling solutions

For decoration, information, protection and promotion
Since the early 1970s when it brought out a new concept of heat shrink plastic tube label, the shrink sleeves, Sleever International revolutionised with Sleever®, the world of packaging decoration and protection. In a single 3-dimensionnal product it combined four functions – decoration, information, protection and promotion, in answer to the needs of the food, perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and household cleaning markets. Some thirty-five years later, the group continues to apply the concept, adding state-of-the-art features to create new applications such as Tamper proofing, authentication, Track and Trace, versatility, anti-theft, customisation, etc.

Sleever® - a concept with unrivalled potential
Enabling distinctive shapes to be used, and using an outstanding range of print and surface effects, Sleever quickly and easily helps to stimulate the purchase impulse. Although sleeving is a different kind of decoration, Sleever nonetheless maintains and enhances a brand or range’s graphic identity, the key to brand awareness.

A highly competitive technique (it does away with over-packaging), cost-effective for short runs and of irreproachable quality, Sleever benefits the entire logistics chain because of its effective protection. Consumer information, a legal requirement, can now be applied over a 360° communication surface. Using these basic functions, Sleever can transform your product with its unique, innovative and continuous decorating solution.

Applications that meet market needs
Apart from its integral functions, Sleever can also be adapted to the specific needs of each of its markets. Seeldrink®, designed for liquid food goods in glass and PET bottles, meets the specific needs related to filling processes (aseptic, ultra-clean, pasteurisation, etc.), containers (shock resistance on the line, during transport) and high speed production lines. Notisleeve is another example, created for the pharmaceutical industry in the form of a Sleever which features a repositionnable multi-page leaflet label, an original, practical and competitive alternative to cartons.

Two bespoke divisions
To assist you in the choice and implementation of your Sleever solution, wherever you are in the world, Sleever International group has two divisions which specialise in product decoration: Sleever-Labels, international experts in the conversion of heat shrink films, and Unisleeve, specialists in mass market project management for the food, toiletries/beauty care and household cleaning goods sectors. Both divisions deal with over 550 individual projects a year in all the markets where the Sleever International group is active.

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Product category: Shrink sleeves

35 years of engineering expertise

Engineering, the third component of the Sleever system, is the domain of Sleever Machines , which is entrusted with the joint development and production of a full range of equipment for sleeve conversion: single and double head positioning machines, steam, infrared and hot air shrink equipment and special machines for specific applications. The division is at the service of the group’s production units (Sleevpac®, Decosleeve®, Unisleeve®…) and industrial and contract packaging clients over four continents.

A Sleever pioneer and expert for 35 years, Sleever Machines boasts a team of over 70 engineers and technicians who work with cutting-edge CAC, development (computerisation, automation, movement control), project management and after-sales services (computer assisted maintenance) tools.

Tried and tested technological principles
Recognised the world over for their immense reliability and flexibility, Sleever Machines equipment features fundamental components that are the backbone of Sleever technology: positioning (vertical or horizontal), continuous sleeve transfer, rapid format changeovers, preventive maintenance, etc.

On this basis and thanks to 35 years experience in the markets where the group is present, the division adapts functions and performance to meet the industrial requirements of each project and helps our customers develop this capability over time.

A machine for each project
In addition to its star machines, such as the automatic Powersleeve® series (high speeds from 200 to 800 units/minute), Etisleeve® (for cosmetics and perfumes, 40 to 200 units/minute) and Powershrink® and Etishrink® (infrared technology), Powersteam® (steam) and Powerskinner® (IR and hot air combination) shrink applicators, the division has developed special machines to satisfy the constraints and needs of complex industrial processes.

Pharmasleeve® for example was developed specifically for pharmaceutical applications, in line with GMP standards, and other machines have been developed specially for the packaging requirements of dairy products in ultra-clean humid conditions.

Services to last
At Sleever International, the supply of equipment is a lasting commitment. A commitment backed up by a full range of services, covering the installation and set up on site to after-sales, including the training of your teams, line audits, spare parts and remote maintenance.

The best proof of Sleever Machines’ expertise can be found in over 1200 machines currently operating throughout the world in the production sites of world-class food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical groups among others.

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About us

Company portrait

Pioneer and world leader of the sleeve concept
An unrelenting quest for Innovation and industrial rigor are behind Sleever International thirty-five years of growth, enabling the company to raise the sleeve concept - thermo-shrink plastic label - to the rank of a major technology. Founder of the concept and owner of Sleever® brand name, the company has constantly nurtured this technology through a spectrum of expertise from chemicals and engineering to transformation and service. As a result the sleeve now represents a solution which has convinced the most demanding pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetics, food and homecare brands.

Providing worldwide solutions
By constantly enriching its scope of service to packing, labeling, customization, tamper-evident seals, Sales promotion and traceability, Sleever International leads the market with innovative high added value solutions. Its ability to listen, understand and translate its customers' needs in line with a project approach has led the company to develop solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each business and market. Custom solutions are key to the unique "system" approach we implement throughout the world.

Global thinking and tailor-made operations
The Sleever System guarantees our accurate analysis of marketing, technical and economic issues. It is the direct product of our extensive experience of sleeve technology backed up by dedicated divisions. Sleever International is a total packaging company: Sleever Technologies for films, Sleever-Studio for prepress work, Sleever-Labels for label converting, Sleever Machines for shrinking,Promosleeve which manages promotional operations and Decosleeve and Sleevpac entrusted respectively with contract decorating and packing solutions. All represent the varied facets of the expertise we offer our customers, backed up by a steadfast commitment to results: Sleever® charter. Keeping our word is more than a company value, it the foundation of our philosophy: establish long-standing relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees.

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