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Davik ACS Ltd

Kibbutz Sde-Boker, 8499300 Sde Boker
Telephone +972 8 6560100
Fax +972 8 6560118

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.03  Auxiliary packaging means
  • 02.03.04  Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories
  •  Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories / Adhesive tapes

Our products

Product category: Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories / Adhesive tapes

Recycable carry handle tape

Davik has decided to continue our commitment for saving the environment and to contribute to Circular Economy. We are proud to present our new and additional version to the Carry Handle product line.

PE Carry Handle Tape
The new Carry Handle tape is made from PE film coated with the special adhesive formula with all the known advantages of the Carry Handle tape plus:

  • Can be fully recycled along with PE shrink, the shrink and the handle are made from the same PE material!
  • PE grab insert is also used and can be fully recycled with the whole pack
  • Thinner film allows to save tons of plastic and to reduce recyclable cost.
  • Suitable for any packages up to 9KG.
The new product can be applied automatically with the same applicators or manually.

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Product category: Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories / Adhesive tapes

Resealable Finger Lift tape

Our resealable solution is suitable for multiple usages for opening and reclosing a package, having a printed non-adhesive area called “finger lift”, since it’s specifically designed to be used by a finger for easy lifting a non-sticky part.

Among different usages, our product is specifically designed for opening and resealing tissue packs. Such resealable pack keeps the tissue clean.

The color and the design of non-adhesive zone can be customized especially for a pack and customer specific requirement, as well as the width of both adhesive and adhesive-free parts of the tape.

Our resealable solution is environmentally friendly, due to the usage of acrylic water-based technology.

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Product category: Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories / Adhesive tapes

Printable tapes

Davik was one of the first global companies to produce BOPP hot melt printable tape. Since its introduction more than 25 years ago, printable tape continues to be one of our best-selling products, and this is our PrestoPrint brand, for which we are very proud.

The BOPP film, coated with a special adhesive formula developed by Davik’s R&D laboratory, results in one-step surface printing on commercially available adhesive tape flexographic machines.

  • Printable under wide range of conditions and surfaces
  • Suitable for Siat machines and equivalent.
  • Suitable for carton made from regular and recycled materials (special high tack adhesives)
  • Excellent adhesion to carton and steel
  • 1.53 mm/39 µ – 3.0 mm/74 µ total thickness
  • Effectively seals at a wide application temperature range
  • Available in a variety of lengths and widths
  • Can be used in high speed printing machineries with less stops and waste
For the printer, our printable tapes can be used in Siat or equivalent machines. With high efficiency during the printing that results in:

  • The ability to work faster
  • Less waste
  • Great ink anchorage
  • No picking
For the end user, our printable tapes can be used with different carton qualities. They are suitable for all closing cartons machineries and we can guaranty high carton sealing quality for your customer.

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Product category: Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories / Adhesive tapes

Low tack tapes

This special tape can be used when easy removal is required (for example, surface protection of appliances, protecting during transport and removing without marks or residue).

We have different variations of such kind of tape, with accordance to the designated usage.

The tape adheres well to most plastics, metal, glass, wood, ceramics, and paper. It peels easily from almost all smooth surfaces, without leaving adhesive residue or fibers.

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Product category: Auxiliary packaging means / Closing / sealing accessories / Adhesive tapes

One Sided Tapes

TE100- Tamper Evident Tape
This unique tape will leave clear evidence of any unauthorized attempt to open the package.

The tape is suitable for sealing cupboards, plastic bags, envelopes, surface markers and more.

After an unauthorized attempt to open the package, hidden writing appears such as “OPENED VOID“. The writing isn’t disappearing when attempting to seal the package again and the message “OPENED VOID” appears and highly noticeable even from a distance.

You may order rolls of adjusted width and height per demandץ

Tape features:

  • The hidden message may be replaced and adjusted to the customers’ needs.
  • You may receive the tape with externally visible writing, such as the logo, for example.
  • The tape can be manufactured in various colors.
  • The tape can be received with a separating liner and be used as a sticker,
  • The tape may be received with a monovalent identifier placed within fixed intervals (running number).

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About us

Company portrait

For almost 40 years we smell, dream and live adhesive tapes. As a producer owned by a community (kibbutz Sde Boker) our workers that own the company, know the industry from childhood. Producing adhesive tapes is our mission it is our goal. We are proud of our unique connection with our customers, while most of them accompany us for more than 20 years.

Davik is an innovative manufacturer of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tapes. Davik’s production includes two coating lines: Hot Melt based on synthetic rubber adhesive and water-based acrylic.

Davik offers a full range of specialty tapes, ranging from the company’s world-renowned, directly printable Presto Print, to Carry Handle tapes, Resealable tape, double-sided tapes, strapping tapes, freezer tape (printable), heavy-duty packaging tape, security tapes, metal detection splicing tape and non-residue printable low tack tape.

We are placing a strong emphasis on R&D. The company continually upgrades its technology, materials, and know-how. Most of our products are based on our innovation and our ability to find the exact solution to meet our customers’ demands.  We always look for new ideas and suppliers. Don’t hesitate to share with us your challenge.

Davik is working together with its customers worldwide, joint ventures and strategic partners. We pay close attention to every detail to meet growing and changing market demands. Quality and service to our customer is our first priority. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiry on adhesive tapes.

If you are looking for a supplier of adhesive tapes, which are of great quality, consistency, high value for money…

If you are looking for an adhesives’ producer to be your partner…

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Drop us a mail and let’s start the journey!

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