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Confitech SRL

Viale Galileo Ferraris, 52, 10090 Bruino
Telephone +39 011 9087982
Fax +39 011 9085668

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Machines and equipment for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionery, gum)
  • 03.01  Complete lines for the production of confectionery (Chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionery, gum)
  • 03.01.15  Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels

Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels

Our products

Product category: Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels

Cooling Drum for Sugarless Candy

For all kinds of sugarless candy
Compact unit, equipped with polished stainless steel drum and integrated lubrication system.
Safe and automatic transfer of hot mass from the cooker is also available.
Weighing and cutting unit to control batch size also available.
Capacity up to 600 Kg/h (1,300 lbs/hr)

Product Description
All Confitech cookers for hard candy can also produce sugar free sweets.
When sugar free candy is produced on CKU.50, CKU.75 or CKU.120, the hot mass delivered by the cookers must be first cooled down to a suitable temperature to mix flavours and colours before proceeding with tempering and kneading. This is achieved by a special Cooling Wheel, the RCT.100S or RCT.150S featuring a polished stainless steel drum with an automatic lubrication system and water temperature control.

Capacity ranges from 300 to 600 kg/h.

The all stainless steel enhanced version of the RCT.100S or RCT.150S can also be equipped with a weighing and cutting unit. This is fully integrated within the frame of the machine, to meter the product coming off the wheel and deliver batches of pre-set size directly into the kettle that fits with the Mixer for Flavour and Colour ME.70B and the Kneading Machine IM.70

To avoid manual handling of the hot candy mass the ancillary unit SFT.100 can be placed under the discharge point of the cooker to collect the hot product and transfer it into the hopper of the Cooling Wheel without any risk for the operator.

The SFT.100 consisting of a steam heated hopper and a heavy duty transfer pump is a mobile unit fitted on wheels and it can be easily removed and stored apart when standard sugar based candies are produced. That simple and flexible setup is particularly interesting for small or medium facilities where volumes of sugarless products would not justify the installation of a dedicated line, as it allows even small companies to enter the profitable and growing market of sugarless confectionery with a limited investment.

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Product category: Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels

Crunchy Candy

Highest quality honeycomb candy.
Integration with existing forming lines.


Crunchy Candy
Crunchy candy, Hard candy

Product Description
Confitech manufactures a completely automatic processing unit, that can be integrated with existing forming lines for hard candy, to produce high quality honeycomb candy with crunchy texture.

The maximum output is 1.200 kg per hour  (2,650 lbs/hr).

Combining the best confectionery tradition with the most advanced technology, the CL.20 line allows to produce finest quality honeycomb candy in a fully automatic and labour saving way.

The CL.20 line is composed of three functional units.

The first unit is aimed to make a centre filled rope of sugar.

The centre filled rope is then transferred to a compacting unit where it is transformed in a multi-layered ribbon and covered by a thin film of sugar.

The jacketed ribbon is driven over a specially designed saddle, where it is folded around its own centre to form a rope having an extremely crispy honeycomb centre.

The rope is driven to the final calibration before reaching the candy forming machine.

The correct synchronisation of speed and other parameters involved in this delicate process is assisted by an advanced software which allows an intuitive control of the line.

Working parameters are stored by the control system and used to automatically change the speed of the different units of the line to match the current output of the candy forming machine.

A graphic interface unit with visual representation of the line provides extensive support and diagnostic tools for the operator.

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Product category: Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels

Chocolate Coating Machine

Belt coating machine suitable to coat a wide variety of centres with dark or white chocolate as well as compound.
Fully automatic control of all working parameters, including storing and retrieving of pre-set process data.


Chocolate Coating Machines
Almonds, Cereals, Dried fruits, Expanded (Puffed) Candy, Hard candy, Milk hard candy, Nuts, Soft candy

Product Description
The new family RCN of Chocolate Coater is designed for the coating of nuts, almonds, dried fruit, crispy cereals balls, hard or soft candy and many different kinds of centres.

The RCN can work with either dark chocolate, white chocolate and compound.

Three models are available:
RCN.150 volumetric capacity of 210 litres (approx. 120 kg of coated almonds)
RCN.300 volumetric capacity of 300 litres (approx. 280 kg of coated almonds)
RCN.500 volumetric capacity of 480 litres (approx. 450 kg of coated almonds)

All the RCNs are completely built in stainless steel and based on an INTRALOX® belt of a special food grade plastic.

The rotation of the belt makes the centres spin, while liquid chocolate is spread from a set of nozzles. Chocolate flow from each nozzle can be independently adjusted.

A pneumatic built-in system for the automatic cleaning of the nozzles is also included, to ensure continuous operation of the nozzles.

All processing parameters are controlled by PLC and different process recipes can be set for each product.

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Product category: Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels

Flavours and Colours Mixer

Safe mixing of liquid or granular additives to hard candy batches.
Timer controlled operation.
Optional weighing unit.
Capacity batch up to 70 kg


Kneading & Tempering
Hard candy, Lollipops, Milk hard candy, Sugarless candy

Product Description
The Mixer ME.70B is designed to work with the IM70 Kneading Machine.

It’s used to incorporate flavours and colours into the batch just before the kneading operation.

It is composed of a column carrying, a mixing head and two lifting arms.

As the mixer is started, the bowl containing the boiled mass is lifted up to reach the working position then the mixing arms are automatically operated.

A stainless steel protection grid prevents accidental contact with the mixing arms allowing the addition of colours, flavours or other additives thought a proper funnel, while a safety photocell detects the correct position of the bowl and prevents the arms spinning if the bowl is not properly positioned.

When the mixing is completed the bowl is automatically returned down on the trolley, ready for the next processing step.

If requested, the Mixer can be integrated with an electronic weighing unit to check actual batch weight and adjust additives accordingly.

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Product category: Complete lines for the production of confectionery / Production of hard and soft caramels


Lamination and automatic transfer to Cooling / Stabilizing Conveyors.
Lamination and cutting in slabs for further crystallization, when required.
Capacity up to 1.000 kg/h (2,200 lbs/hr)


Stabilizing & Forming Lines Feeding (Soft Candy)
Caramel, Chewy candy, Soft candy, Toffee

Product Description
The Sheeter LAM.200 is specifically designed to transform soft candy batch in band of consistent width and thickness and transfer it to the Cooling and Stabilizing conveyors

In case of discontinuous processes, such as those applied to extruded chewy candy that require significant curing time, the LAM.200A features a short inclined belt and a batch cutting unit designed to cut the laminated batches in slabs of pre-set dimensions that can be easily handled and stored to complete crystallization before reaching the extruder.

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About us

Company portrait

A Legacy of Innovation

Having its roots in the world renowned RUFFINATTI technology, the Italian-based company Confitech is now the fourth generation of a family that since 1932 has manufactured high quality machinery for the production of candy and that has given to this world some of the best and well known innovations.

Three milestones in terms of process and safety improvement that set the market standards for decades.
As was then, innovation and creativity continue to inspire Confitech that now provides a wide range of equipment for the production of hard and soft candy, solid or centre-filled, sugar-free, lollipops, caramel, toffees, fondant creams and pure-sugar products.

With our tailor made solutions we partnered to the success of many companies around the world and our widely recognized commitment to client satisfaction, quality and service has become a matter of pride for us.

Combining our extensive knowledge of candy making techniques with process oriented design, we can supply single machines to improve existing processes as well as fully automated continuous systems, depending on customer’s needs.

Being manufacturers we know very well how crucial after sales service is.

That’s why our experienced technicians always provide timely response directly to customers’ personnel and our service engineers, worldwide appreciated for their customer oriented attitude and process knowledge, are the pillars of our reputation.

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