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IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

Janke & Kunkel-Str. 10, 79219 Staufen im Breisgau
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Product categories

  • 06  Machines and equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • 06.02  Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • 06.02.21  Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic productsMixers

Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic productsMixers

Our products

Product category: Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic productsMixers


The IKA DISPAX-REACTOR DR 2000 is a three-stage high shear inline dispersing machine used for the production of very fine emulsions and suspensions. Shear forces that occur in the working chamber produce a drastic increase of mass transfer and accelerate the dissolving rates of mono and macromolecular substances. Three rotor-stator combinations (generators) in a series ensure small- droplet or particle size and a very narrow distribution spectrum. This process promotes a long stability of mixtures in a single pass, especially when working with emulsions.

The DISPAX-REACTOR inline machine uses shear principles similar to the popular ULTRA-TURRAX machines UTC and UTL. Minimized volume in the mixing chamber ensures uniform shear on the product.

For discontinuous processes, the inline machine DR can be installed with a batch tank or reactor containing the pre-mixed product. When the mixture passes through the dispersing machine, it is homogenized optimally.

For continuous processes, the components to be mixed are fed into the machine at an appropriate rate through the inlet connections. Here, the components are thoroughly mixed, dispersed or homogenized within the machine, and then discharged through the outlet.

In order to configure the DISPAX-REACTOR DR to meet a variety of application needs, IKA offers a wide selection of generators. The standard rotor-stator (generator) combination consists of a coarse, medium and fine rotor-stator. When installed in a series, this configuration ensures satisfactory particle size reduction while providing optimum dispersing results in a single pass.

The high shear dispersing machine DISPAX-REACTOR DR 2000 is available in eight sizes. The possible throughput varies from 80 (DR 2000/03) up to 125.000 l/h (DR 2000/50) when using water. All sizes of machines work with the same circumferential speed of the rotor which provides a reliable scale-up.

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Product category: Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic productsMixers


The ULTRA-TURRAX UTC is a high-performance dispersing machine used for the production of a variety of emulsions and suspensions in batch operations. Using the rotor-stator principle, the UTC is best suited for applications that cannot be accomplished using conventional stirring methods. The UTC machine stator is mounted to the shaft tube and is capable of processing of media with a viscosity of up to 5.000 mPas. The preferred installation positions for the UTC are: diagonal from above, diagonal from the side or vertical off-centre.

The UTC series is available with two different types of flanges KT for installation on open vessels and KD for closed vessels. The UTC for open vessels can be offered with suitable floor, wall or mobile stands.

The rotating shaft is sealed with either a lip (KT) or mechanical (KD) seal. For operations under pressures of up to 10 bar or for the processing of abrasive media, the ULTRA-TURRAX is equipped with a mechanical seal.

The description of the machine contains the following information:

Machine type
Generator type
Size of the machine (outer diameter of the dispersing tool)
Number of toothed rings of the dispersing tool
Type of seal
Type of flange

Example: The UTC TP 115/4-KT/KD is an ULTRA-TURRAX UTC machine with a TP 115/4 generator (four toothed rings, outer diameter of 115 mm). This machine is equipped with a lip seal (KT) and designed for mounting on closed vessels (KD).

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Product category: Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic productsMixers

Master Plant MP

The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying system is a universal mixing system developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceuticals industry in particular, but also in the food, beverages, cosmetics and chemical industries. The plant is GMP-compliant and guarantees a high degree of precision, safety and reproducibility of the results. The Master Plant system enables the direct feed of solids and liquids, mixing and dispersing of the vessel contents, heating or cooling of the product and processing under vacuum or under pressure.

The required degree of homogenization and particle crushing is achieved by circulation of the mixture via a DBI dispersing unit integrated into the base of the vessel. The proven technology of this patented IKA DBI homogenizer involves a two-stage operation:

A specially designed pump rotor with high circulation performance provides turbulence in the vessel, gentle circulation (with no shear) and sufficient pressure and throughput for CIP cleaning of the system.

An efficient generator (rotor-stator system) produces very high shear forces and thus dispersions with long-term stability and ultra-fine droplets. The design of the DBI creates a strong negative pressure in the product stream, which results in reliable feed of the components to the working chamber.

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Product category: Single machines / equipment for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic productsMixers

Solid-Liquid Mixing System CMX

The CMX 2000 inline mixer incorporates powders into liquids and mixes these materials reliably and consistently in a batch process. Its multi-level design and unique pumping stage enables processing of high viscosity products without any additional aggregates.

The Complete System
The CMX system is usually supplied with a solid material dosing feeder and mixing containers. Depending on the application and the requirements of the customer, the solid material can be fed via a bulk bag unloader, a funnel, sack-emptying boxes or directly from the bag via a suction lance.

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About us

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The IKA Group is a global market leader for laboratory, analytical and process technology founded in 1910 and headquartered in Staufen, Germany. Today, the IKA group has over 900 employees at eleven locations on four continents.

IKA process technology offers turnkey solutions and state-of-the-art manufacturing options. IKA's solutions include dispersing machines, homogenizers, stirrers, solidliquid-mixers, dry mills, kneading machines, vacuum dryers as well as ready-for-use process plants, all being manufactured in IKA's outstanding high
product quality. Consulting, design and realization of complex projects as well as proactive after-sales services complete the IKA solution portfolio.

The high-quality process machines and plants are used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries. In the IKA test center customers can work on the development and optimization of their products and production processes supported by a qualified team of process engineers.

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