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TME S.p.A.

Via Sandro Pertini, 1/5, 43036 Fidenza (PR)
Telephone +39 0524 517711
Fax +39 05247 527771

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.02  Filling and packaging
  • 01.02.01  Form, fill and seal machines (FFS)
  •  Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

Vertical form, fill and seal machines (V-FFS)

  • 01  Packaging machines and devices
  • 01.06  Additional machines and devices in the packaging process
  • 01.06.02  Capping machines

Capping machines

  • 02  Packaging materials, packaging means, auxiliary packaging means and packaging production
  • 02.02  Packagings
  • 02.02.01  Packagings / Aluminium
  •  Packagings / Aluminium / Capsules

Our products

Product category: Packagings / Aluminium / Capsules


The CIALDY packaging line was the first successful experience for TME in the field of single-dose packaging. The various models in this line are suited to the multiple needs of production capacity and thanks to the modular design CIALDY can be supplemented with various accessories to satisfy market demands. To date over 500 customers in Italy and worldwide have chosen CIALDY. Its reliability and simplicity ensure high productivity even with multiple shifts.

It works as follows: the ground coffee is deposited in a hopper and transferred to a slide doser that ensures that the pod has a precise weight. The lower filter paper reel is unwound to feed a suitably profiled conveyor belt to receive the preformed pod and to press it further. Subsequently the upper filter paper is applied from a second reel and sealed, obtaining a continuous strip that will be cut onto single pods. These are then transferred to the packing machine that, starting from a reel of suitable material, forms the bag, inserts the pod, injects inert gas and seals it hermetically.

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Product category: Packagings / Aluminium / Capsules

HTN packaging line

The HTN packaging line comes from the long experience that TME has gained in the single-serve products market. In recent years TME has developed various technologies for the world of capsules, summed up perfectly by the HTN range. This line is able to process all the types of capsule on the market today because it uses a chain driven by brushless motors allowing the format to be rapidly replaced for capsules that are different in both form and technology. The HTN line can be supplemented with various accessories such as weight measurement, vision system, remote assistance and customised packaging systems. Thanks to its innovative modular system, HTN can install up to a maximum of 6 tracks.

The filling of the capsules is carried out through an orienting device which has the function of guiding and directing the empty capsules to the interior of the line with jets of air. After which, the mechanical movement of the capsules is started which. thanks to a patented TME solution. is carried out with greater precision inside the packaging line.
Following which, where required, the positioning of the lower base onta the empty capsule is carried out, then the screw dosing system doses the product and after that, a covering of filter or micro-perforated paper. or an aluminium sheet, may be applied.
In the last step, through pick&place, the capsule is positioned on the conveyor belt, where it will be packaged in a controlled atmosphere by the vertical confectio­ner. This will guarantee a very low oxygen residue in the bag which is, consequently, under the limit permitted by law and to the full advantage of the product. In the case of faulty welding or incorrect positioning of the base there is. as an integral part of the mach i ne. a capsule reject system.

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Product category: Packagings / Aluminium / Capsules

The HTS capsule packaging line

The HTS capsule packaging line is the result of the best technologies on the market today and the very high professional standards that TME has in this field. This product line was created to satisfy the need far high speed and to support multiple production shifts. The HTS line was designed using an efficient modular system to meet all the needs of the customer in terms of both quality and productivity. The HTS line comes complete with various devices such as weight measurement, vision system and remote assistance. and customised packaging systems can also be implemented.

Feeding of the capsule takes place via an orienter which has the function of correctly orienting the capsules and conveying them into the line by means of an air jet. The mechanical movement of the HTS is managed by a particular system patented by TME which guarantees greater precisi on in movement. The first application which the empty capsule encounters is that of positioning on the lower base of any type (filter paper. aluminium. etc … ). Then the screw dosage system doses the product and then, depending on the customer’s requirements, a paper filter or a micro-hole filter can be applied, otherwi­se an aluminium sheet can be applied.
There is a vision control system built into the machine with a camera and a weight control with a reject system.
In the next step the capsule is ready to be packaged in a modified atmosphere using a vertical or horizontal packer with the guarantee of an extremely low oxygen residue in the bag, much lower than the limits allowed by law. all to the advantage of the product.

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About us

Company portrait

From 0 to 10 years we lived our childhood in Villanova, we were few, we had great enthusiasm and great dreams and we expected customers to come to us looking for solutions for product packaging that often others could not offer or would offer at much higher prices.

From 10 to 20 years we spent an exuberant adolescence, we built prototypes for packaging products ranging from rice and pasta up to explosive powders and tyre mixtures. The result of this decade of work was the acquisition of very important technical experience and a poorer bank account.

The last 10 years of youth brought the awareness of being able to achieve something important. Focussing on the coffee and yeast sectors has proved to be a winning strategy that has allowed us to make significant progress, as the new head office in Fidenza can testify, where every day 45 people work to build machinery to increasingly meet the market needs.

The next decade will be that of maturity, our commercial development plan is ambitious but achievable. We will consolidate our worldwide presence and dedicate our main resources to countries where coffee consumption is growing.

We will organise a suitable after-sales service and develop strategic alliances with qualified partners.

Our goal is to raise our craftsmen’s awareness more and more on the role and importance of the customer, because it is the CUSTOMER that pays our salaries, and taking care of them means taking care of our own future.

We have won important battles with our competitors in Italy and abroad, offering ourselves to CUSTOMERS, not as simple suppliers, but as partners with whom to implement their projects, to reach a common goal: to bring together the experience and abilities of each, so that both can come out of the past and future challenges as winners.

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