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Zepf Technologies UK Ltd

45/47 Napier Road, G68 0EF Glasgow
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Telephone +44 7803 856705
Fax +44 1236 454546

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Core and RACOP

Our traditional quick release changepart system is known as "Core and RACOP".  Every set of parts comprises 316 stainless steel core components, which become a permanent fixture to the machine, and the RACOP (RApid Change Over Parts) that are the removable coloured plastic handling parts which are custom-designed for a specific container.

The RACOP may consist of starwheels, guides, feedscrews or any other component which form a size changeover part.  The Zepf UK design of the RACOP takes into account the ease of removal and replacement in addition to the manual handling of parts.

RACOP can be manufactured from a range of 14 colours of 1000 grade UHMW polyethylene (UHMWPE).

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Product category: Others

2-Position and Multi Position Changeparts

Zepf UK continually invests time and money to improve the designs of our products. The development of 2-position, 3-position and multi position changeparts has successfully achieved reduced changeover times and eliminated a range of manual handling issues in many instances.

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Product category: Others


Feedscrews are a challenging area for container handling.  At Zepf UK we have our competitive advantage as we use our customised software which allows us to design and manufacture feedscrews for difficult container handling situations.

Generally the feedscrew is manufactured in the same UHMWpe material as the container handling changeparts although on occasion other materials may be used to suit a particular application.  Similar to our core and RACOP system our quick release feedscrew system allows a feedscrew to be removed and replaced without the need for tools or timing adjustment.  Where necessary we can design and manufacture the feedscrew to fit any other manufacturer's mounting system.

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Product category: Others

Standard (OEM) Changeparts

If a machine has a number of existing OEM (Original equipment manufacturer's) standard parts and it would not be cost effective to convert to our quick change systems Zepf UK have the capability to measure the machine, design and manufacture additional sets of parts for other containers.

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About us

Company portrait

Zepf UK is based in Scotland near Glasgow. We design, manufacture, install and commission container handling changepart systems mainly for rotary packaging machines for liquid filling, capping and labelling. A renowned approach to continuous product development and constant focus on quality and customer service clearly differentiates us from other container handling changepart manufacturers.

Our truly global customer base manufacture branded products that are household names around the world.  Market sectors include:

Drinks & beverages:
Beers, Coffee, Soft drinks, Spirits, Water, Wines.
Personal Care:
Conditioners, Cosmetics, Deodorants, Shampoo, Shower gels, Soaps.
Cleaning products:
Fabric cleaners, Household cleansers.
Herbs & spices, Jams & preserves, Sauces, Vegetables in jars.
Edible, Lubricants.
Container manufacturers:
Glass, Plastic, Trays, Tubes.
Air Anti-perspirant, deodorants.