Euroimpianti S.p.A.

A new Skilled® solution for mixed order palletizing: Space efficient, flexible and able to hold a wide range of formats

At Interpack 2017 Skilled Group will unveil its new solution for mixed order palletizing. This system is suitable for any distribution facility or any environment that that needs to build mixed orders. The Skilled® system, is composed of revolutionary software and Skilled robotic solutions, intended for high volume, multi-SKU, and mixed-pallet building and distribution. The software uses a set of complex algorithms to calculate how individual cases need to go together to build optimum pallet loads. The software takes into account various attributes such as shape, size, weight, volume, stacking ability, product availability and so on to generate the final order build sequence. The Skilled solutions then ensure high processing speeds by combining Skilled robotic systems for buffer storage, sorting and picking functions combined into one flexible operation able to pick, stage, and sequence the delivery of product to the pallet build station and handle large volumes. Thanks to this revolutionary order fulfillment system, the improved traceability and the error-free picking, it ensures better product tracking and a real time inventory control in the system.

Exhibitor Data Sheet