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Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH at Interpack 2014



Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS) is one of the leading global manufacturers of confectionery machines. With its extensive machine and plant program they are able to cover the entire spectrum of deposited sweets with different applications and throughputs. Production plants of Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH stand worldwide for highest quality and reliability but as well for permanent development and innovation.

At this year's Interpack the company presents a range of exciting topics to interested customers.

Main text:

A forward-oriented approach

The company will present for the first time the concept called SMARTEFFICIENCY, an uncompromising efficiency concept which is the basis for all WDS machinery and solutions. The aim is to guarantee the best cost-benefit ratio to the customer - from the planning to the entire machine life cycle. This is achieved by using intelligent production solutions and construction principles based on effectiveness as well as the use of energy-efficient components and optimized processes.

WDS will present the components of the concept on a 20 meters functional Mogul plant to the professional audience.

The new genereation of FSC-cold stamping

You can also look forward to the presentation of the advanced Winkler und Dünnebier FSC (Flash Shell Cooling) - cold stamping process.

For the production of hollow figures such as chocolate Santa Claus or Easter Bunny the FSC (Flash Shell Cooling) cold stamping process is an effective alternative to conventional production with classical shell forming.

The method was advanced by WDS so that it is now possible to form very large and complicated shells precisly in a few seconds.

Benefits are, among others, the homogeneous shell thickness of less than 2mm and the opportunity to produce other chocolate products such as bars, tablets and pralines with this machine type, even out of seasonal production.

WDS demonstrates the possibilities of the FSC cold stampping process by a specially developed chocolate “football bear”.

In this context, the introduction of decoration technique could be interessting - with the use of program-controlled WDS decoration depositors the decoration of chocolate hollow figures can be automated.

Minimze down times by faster cleaning

Furthermore WDS will present a depositor to demonstrate the well known Winkler und Dünnebier „EasyClean“-concept.

The "EasyClean" principle reduces the down time of mass changes and cleaning work to a minimum: a depositing system can be exchanged in less than 15 minutes without unnecessary long interruptions of production.

The versatile all-rounder

Winkler und Dünnebier also introduces the latest generation of WDS-lab depositors.

These extremely versatile machines are equipped with special depositing heads that allow the production of articles with up to three different masses - ideal applications for product and process development.

With depositing and control systems, which are comparable to those of the WDS production plants, all materials with a good depositing and tear-off behavior can be processed accurately.

You will find Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH in Hall 03, booth C07 from 08.05.2014 – 14.05.2014.

We find, it is worth a visit!


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