Why Gen Grinders?

• Our products are manufactured in our own facility, which is well-equipped with high technological manufacturing standards thanks to a know-how experience for years.

• All steps at production are regularly and randomly supervised and under control in accordance with food safety regulations in international food packing standards.

• Our manufacturing area is in Izmir, which is located in the center of international transportation lines. Thus the delivery times from Turkey are quite shorter than the delivery times of other transoceanic competitors.

• The items on Gen-Catalogue are presented to the market with international standards by considering end-consumer needing in retail markets. They are applied with an easy-to-use design comfortably.

• You can order us exclusive products considering your requirements. Since we are a customer needing oriented company, you are free at choosing any other different types, dimensions, shapes in different colors thanks to the well-equipped molding rooms in our facility by our well-experienced designer team.

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