We present: highly flexible cup filling machines

The centre of attention of our exhibition will be the 6-lane inline machine type FOODLINER 6.000. This cup filler is shown for the first time and is the latest result of the development work at GRUNWALD.

This cup filling and packing machine is suitable for filling dairy products in a very flexible way and for packing them in constantly changing combination in mixed cartons at very low costs. This technical concept allows for a large number of possible cup assortments in the mixed cartons.

This highly flexible inline cup filling machine with up to 6 integrated dynamic "inline fruit mixers" is especially of interest for those dairies and filling plants of the food industry who supply dairy products such as yoghurt or quark to discounter markets or commercial chains and when these products are to be delivered in mixed cartons in several flavours in one package.

This cup filling machine can be adjusted at any time to react on changing market requirements. It is possible to produce exactly those quantities and pack exactly those sorts in the mixed carton which are currently demanded by the consumers or discounter markets and commercial chains respectively.

Each filling task can be started via the recipe control. By the push of a button the recipe required is chosen out of the product variety. Up to 6 dynamic “inline fruit mixers” are available for changing the recipe. The customer is quickly able to switch from one sort to the next with a minimal loss of product. Therefore also smaller batches can be produced – at any time, also several times day. The changeover time is less than 5 minutes for each fruit type.

Due to further technical innovations this cup filler offers a large number of options for production. For example, it is possible at any time to choose whether up to 6 different types of stirred yoghurt (liquid to pasty) or yoghurt with up to 6 different fruit preparations is to be filled – packed in one and the same mixed carton!

The following additional cup filling machines will be exhibited:

2-lane rotary-type cup filler ROTARY 12.000 with mobile filling station MOBIFILL - a successful machine duo for filling constantly changing products. Due to the fact that no tools are needed for the changeover and the machine has a production output of up to 50 cycles/min. the changeover can be carried out in a very short time.

The compact 3-lane cup filler HITTPAC AKH-059 with laminar cabin perfects the selection of exhibition machines. It is a versatile rotary-type machine and its equipment is suitable for the hygienic filling of dairy products such as e. g. quark, yoghurt and smetana in round cups at a production speed of up to 8,000 cups/h.

Exhibitor Data Sheet