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Watson-Marlow pumps group demonstrates strengthened and extended portfolio of solutions

Flexicon FPC50W: Fully automated aseptic filling system

World leaders in positive displacement pump and tubing technology, Watson-Marlow Pumps Group (WMPG) will demonstrate its strengthened and extended range of solutions for the biopharmaceutical and food industries at InterPack 2014.

The company, which comprises seven distinct business groups including Flexicon Liquid Filling, will showcase its range of market-leading semi and fully automatic filling and capping equipment at this major industry event.

InterPack will also see WMPG launch a direct sales and support operation for Flexicon’s German customers. Watson-Marlow GmbH will now provide direct sales and applications expertise right across the Flexicon range and the wider WMPG portfolio.

InterPack 2014 is also an opportunity for WMPG to present its expanded product suite to customers. The company’s comprehensive portfolio now includes BioPure’s advanced single-use tubing connector systems for biopharmaceutical applications. Bio Pure – which was acquired by WMPG in January 2014 - complements WMPG’s existing range of Flexicon peristaltic filling systems and single use tubing. It eases customer validation in demanding contamination-free dispensing applications and offers improved sterility for critical applications. A range of BioPure products will be available to view on the stand.

Company Overview
Customers all over the world use reliable, accurate and hygienic liquid filling and pumping technologies from the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group. The company is comprised of seven business areas; four of which are represented at InterPack:

Flexicon Liquid Filling Systems manufactures a range of products from stand-alone units for hand filling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping machines. Flexicon’s systems are designed for small to medium sized batch production. The fully automatic systems are customised to fill any container, be it a vial, bottle, test tube or non-self-standing micro-tube.

Watson-Marlow is the world’s largest manufacturer of peristaltic pumps and tubing. Peristaltic pumps are used in a range of dosing and metering applications.

BioPure is the latest addition to the WMPG family. Acquired in January 2014 BioPure specialises in the design and production of advanced single-use tubing connector systems for biopharmaceutical customers.

MasoSine manufactures sinusoidal pumps which are ideal for many food and pharmaceutical product handling applications thanks to their impressive suction lift and very low shear properties.

Product highlights on display at InterPack 2014:

• The FPC50W is a fully automated aseptic filling system with integrated full or partial stoppering and crimp capping of vials and automatic check weighing
• The PF6 is an extremely flexible and reliable table-top peristaltic filling machine, the preferred choice for low volume manual filling duties.
• Flexicon’s FF15 semi-automatic bottle handling system is designed for intensive use as well as applications where space is limited.
MasoSine positive displacement sinusoidal pumps can be used for transfer and filling of highly viscous materials and those containing large soft solids such as fruit or poultry muscle
DriveSure™ is a panel-mount OEM brushless DC gear motor with fully integrated speed controller. It enables engineers to bring products to market faster and with less engineering cost.

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