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WITT presents new RFID module for gas equipment

WITT presents new RFID module for gas equipment

Simplify Operation and Increase Reliability

Gas mixers, gas analysers and leak testing equipment from WITT-Gasetechnik are now even easier and more reliable to operate by using an RFID module that can be retrofitted.

RFID enhances quality assurance in several ways. Users can prevent error-prone inputs from touch screens, keys and controllers. The technology even replaces barcode readers, which may fail due to illegible barcodes. RFID also provides better protection against changes by unauthorised persons.

The new RFID module can be used on all equipment that is fitted with WITT’s digital “Gas Control Center” and can be retrofitted without any problem, replacing all barcodes and passwords. The benefits are, therefore, available to a large number of users.

This type of technology offers high level of security and reliability and is comparatively inexpensive. RFID is arguably faster and easier to operate compared to all alternatives.

For example, the user can simply hold his/her staff identity card in the vicinity of the device in order to automatically log in. If the production batch changes, only the ID card of the new product has to be held in front of the device and it’s immediately reprogrammed. Innumerable scenarios are conceivable, all contact-free.

The retrofit set consists essentially of an RFID module to connect to the gas equipment. Its corresponding tags are located as miniature electronic circuits in the staff identity cards, made of plastic, cardboard or any other object—even sewn into employee clothing. Tags can be as small as a grain of rice or they may consist of a flat printed circuit. They function passively in all cases; requiring no power supply, they can be used virtually indefinitely. The assignment of the tags is made per identification number—a simple operation that is performed directly on the device.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The method was developed several decades ago and is considered to be a mature technology. It is used in many spheres of life: for example, every new personal identity card in Germany since 2010 has such a circuit.

WITT-Gastechnik is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of blending, dosing and control systems, analysers and safety fittings for all common gases.

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