Based on the data provided by Plimsoll rating agency, UKRPLASTIC raised to 29th position in the rating of the largest global manufacturers of flexible packaging and ranked the 22nd in the business efficiency rating. Having assessed the position of OJSC UKRPLASTIC in the market, the global leader in the area of industrial ratings and financial analysis, appraised the company as “STRONG”; only 35 companies of this profile in the world were esteemed so high.

Analysis of the market of flexible packaging envisioned the assessment of 104 companies producing flexible packaging. The rating was performed based on the Plimsoll model that allowed the rating agency to conduct reliable analysis of the whole sector and the position of individual companies. After the assessment of key financial and manufacturing indicators of 104 companies, a special report was developed to describe the current situation of the world packaging industry and to forecast key trends for the next year.

According to Irina Mirochnik, Chairperson of the Board of OJSC UKRPLASTIC, high appraisal by Plimsoll Agency became a pleasant Christmas present for the company that proved efficiency of UKRPLASTIC business strategy. “We hold a stable position among top-20 leading European companies manufacturing flexible packaging materials. Currently, based on Plimsoll rating agency version UKRPLASTIC has been acknowledged as one of the largest manufacturers of this profile in the world. This is a qualitatively new level of Ukraine’s packaging industry development and a positive market signal for us. The strategy initiated by the company more than 20 years ago has proven its efficiency”, - Irina Mirochnik emphasized.

It is worth mentioning that Plimsoll rating agency is considered to be a trusted leader among business representatives in the developed countries. Plimsoll has been working on the market of Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Russia, South Korea and the countries of the North region since 1987. The agency provides services on business efficiency analysis and prepares reports and forecasts on the development of specific economic sectors and companies operating on the specific markets.

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