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The perfect pair - the SOMIC 232 and SOMIC 424

Mechatronic machines are dominating the SOMIC packaging technology. The difference lies in the systems engineering, which makes the machines flexible and capable of reacting quickly to the needs of the market. This is something which has been successfully proven over the long-term by the SOMIC 424 generation of machines, which, with its modular system of functions, meets all the requirements of a future-oriented end of line packaging machine.

The newly developed SOMIC 232 FS, an extremely flexible end of line packaging technology, now follows the trend for ever smaller packages and selling units by covering the need for smaller trays, folding boxes and even trays with lids (produced from flat carton blanks). The machine is perfect for integrating into any production line for groceries, baked goods, pet food and healthcare products.

The system packages sachets and pouches, folding boxes, cans or thermoformed packaging in trays or folding boxes. As you would expect from SOMIC, these are made from flat blanks of solid or corrugated cardboard. Two-part packs, consisting of a tray and cover, are also used for confectionery, luxury products, groceries and healthcare products, and can be processed easily with the 232 FS. Up to 100 folding boxes/min. can be produced in a double cycle; a packaging performance more than 50% higher than previous systems. This level of efficiency has been achieved by using more compact dimensions and shorter distances, but smaller drive systems and the latest generation of controllers, the ILM PacDrive3, have also played their part in increasing output.

Perfect operator ergonomics: all the controls are now conveniently located on one side of the machine. The control cabinet is fitted flush in the machine frame at operating height and equipped with convenient swing doors. The 232 FS only requires 60% of the space required by the current, similar SOMIC 424 – ideal for integration in a narrow packaging line.

We will also be exhibiting a SOMIC 424 TD for two-part cardboard packaging at Interpack. It collects and groups Doypacks of dried fruits, which are packaged in double rows in trays with a cover on top. We will also be presenting an operating SOMIC 424 W3 for one-piece packaging, which packages boxes in single upright rows in a wrap-around carton with tear-off perforation.

The machine architecture of every SOMIC is based on our modular system, which allows the machines to adapt to the product, the production process and the market. The SOMIC motto "systemic architecture in end of line packaging technology" is plain to see in both the 424 and 232 series. All functional blocks, parallel interfaces and functional units are arranged in consistent horizontal and vertical structures. This allows the autonomous operation of decentralised controlled function units. The unfussy machine architecture offers impressive simplicity and accessibility.

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