KBA-MePrint AG

The new waterless offset printing unit with short inking unit technology for the tube printing

Printing unit

KBA-MePrint AG provides an interesting new development in the form of an innovative printing alternative for the growing market of tube decoration. By integrating the short inking unit into an existing round-body printing system, printing onto plastic tubes enters totally new dimensions in terms of printing technology.
Is it your goal to further improve your performance, flexibility and profitability?
We know what's important to users in the tube decoration sector. Using our expertise, technology and reliability, we want to accompany and support you to use new printing technology. Completely new fields of application open up when using of our novel short inking unit. The low setup costs, short changeover times and, in particular, the low waste help to ensure quick amortization of the conversion costs.

At a glance:
- Multi-color printing in photo-realistic print quality
- Excellent reproducibility of repeat jobs due to the small number of process parameters
- Minimal setup times and low startup wastage
- Lower costs for printing plates compared to printing blocks
- Low maintenance costs with few wear parts
- High, consistent print quality through the entire print run
- Consistent color reproduction and high color brilliance
- Exact drawing details including the finest color nuances
- High dot definition with no ghosting
- 1:1-color transfer using identical cylinder diameters eliminates ghosting
- Fast job change
- Fast, easy to learn operation
- Economical and competitive for small to medium print runs

The printing unit will be presented at the fair interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf for the first time to a broad audience. Visit us on the stand of the KBA-Metronic GmbH in Hall 12 (C36) and let us convince you from the advantages of our short inking unit.

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