Starkraft/ Zellstoff Pöls AG

The Flying Rhino has landed!

The new paper machine in Poels is in operation.

At last: after a record construction period of just over 13 months Europe’s largest and most modern kraft paper machine has gone into full operation and will be able to produce over 80.000 tonnes of high quality, white kraft paper per annum.

"With the investment of over 115 million Euro in our new paper machine we are significantly increasing our market share within Europe, and at the same time are strengthening the site in Poels" said Alfred Heinzel, CEO of the Heinzel Group. By increasing the paper production in Poels the Heinzel Group is reacting to the continual international market growth for bleached kraft paper.

Trust in Europe

"The enormous investment in our new paper machine is unique in Europe as the majority of investments made in this business area are done in the Far East" said Kurt Maier, CEO Zellstoff Pöls AG. The Zellstoff Pöls AG who constructed the new paper machine is a subsidiary of the Heinzel Group. Next to the main production of pulp named ORION they produce high quality bleached kraft paper under the brand name of STARKRAFT, and this since recently, on the new 100 meter long paper machine that will produce 80.000 tonnes per annum and 1.200 meters of high quality paper per minute. "We use the valuable raw material wood not only to manufacture pulp and paper but also to produce green energy for heat and lighting throughout our mill", said Kurt Maier, "This means that our plant is almost energy independent".

Strength and flexibility- like the Flying Rhino!

"The market segment kraft paper is highly specialised and has the highest quality demands which are continually revised upwards. Our mission is to secure our quality leadership role, and thus achieving sustainable success with our new paper machine" says Werner Hartmann, Managing Director for STARKRAFT.

It is no coincidence that the Flying Rhino was chosen as a symbol for Starkraft- as it represents strength and flexibility. "Strong and flexible is exactly the way that we want to be seen, when it comes to finding products and solutions for our customers" says Werner Hartmann. "The years of experience found within our international team paired with the most up to date technology found within our paper machine, makes it possible to act upon and respond to our customers’ specific requirements."

From STARKRAFT paper products such as BAGS, SHOPPER, GIFT WRAP or solutions such as flexible packaging paper for the food or pharmaceutical industry are subsequently produced. First samples are now available.

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