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The Combox machine proposed by Serac proves ideal for single serve packaging.

Serac has recently installed a new blow-fill-cap machine in Brazil, for the packaging of 50 g yoghurt portions presented in an attractive fruit-shaped PET flask. By taking up the challenge of blowing and filling such a light and delicate package, Serac opens new perspectives for all dairy and food manufacturers willing to develop single serve packaging or lightweight bottle in order to answer economic issues or meet on-the-go consumption needs. A Combox machine will be on display at Interpack 2014 – Hall 13 / C63 (Photo).

High precision stretch blow-moulding for tiny preforms
Blown from a PET preform of only 2.3 g, with nearly half of the mass concentrated in the neck, the fruit-shaped flask requires an expansion rate of 16 (4 times in both length and width), which is extreme in this industry. On such tiny preforms, the SBL blower from Serac clearly demonstrates a high level of precision in heating, stretching and blowing operations.

Specific transfer system, ideal for light and unsteady packages
The 100% positive neck transfer system patented by Serac ensures that the packages will move along the process without ever touching each other, which is a must to avoid any damage. Based on a starwheel system that compensates for the difference in pitch between the blowing and filling functions, it allows the direct coupling of Serac’s SBL blower with any rotary weigh filler.

Narrow neck calls for most accurate filling and new capping solutions
With a neck diameter of 20 mm, the slightest deviation under the filling nozzles can have dramatic effects. This is why Serac has included a servo-driven transfer system that ensures top-of-class positioning and filling accuracy.
The cap was a challenge as well. A 20 mm sealed cap would have been almost impossible to open, so Serac designed a specific, oversized aluminium strip together with a new die press tool to achieve an hygienic and user-friendly seal.

With this new blow-fill-cap Combox unit in operation, Serac demonstrates the benefits as well as the versatility of its single block solution.

Serac at Interpack 2014

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