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TC300 Combi boxing/bundling machine

The new TC300 boxing/bundling machine is the most modular, universal and flexible Prasmatic solution for medium speed productions in end line packaging.

It can complete various types of packages: carton wrap-around packages, full height tray packages, bundles with flat carton and film, bundles with tray and film and bundles with film only.

Speed varies from 30 - 35 packages/min in carton wrap-around and 45 bundles/min in tray and film according to the type of packaging and product characteristics.

The main characteristics of the TC300, Andrea Secci, Sales & Marketing Manager Prasmatic, confirms that are ergonomics, modularity, flexibility and extremely compact dimensions that allow it to easy adapt to a wide range of layout needs. It is a machine able to complete different types of end line packaging in a single solution.

  • The TC300 series has been redesigned to include a stand-alone tubular frame and ample sliding doors: characteristics that facilitate access and maintenance in addition to granting a full view of moving parts and the work cycle.

  • The bundle magazine, fully renovated, has high capacity and allows for easy and fast loading; furthermore, different capacity layouts can be selected based on line productivity (single or double versions). Orthogonally positioned to the machine, it maintains the classic in line bundle feed.

  • Bundle extraction with a linear mechanical cam profile driven by a brushless motor was also renovated.

  • The automatic size change, managed with electronic drive, is quickly completed.

  • Simple to use, reliable, custom solutions and customer satisfactory are Prasmatic's priorities that has pursued this philosophy in the production of its machines for over thirty years.

“Easy film” spool carriage unit"

The “EASY FILM” spool carriage unit is a small device that can be applied and adapted to different layout solutions. The unit was designed and constructed to grant maximum comfort in work and reduce spool change time, while the high ergonomics allow for extremely simple and fast spool loading.

The benefits of this solution, confirms Roberto Garavini Product Manager Prasmatic, are the high ergonomics in spool welding, loading and unloading, to spool use positions (spindles), limited overall dimensions since the two spindles are stacked, adaptability to different machine models and constant film stretch, controlled by servo drives.

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