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Synpack S Fold

Synpack S Fold

The Synpack S Fold is equipped with:

PLC with control panel Touch Screen ColorDisplaying all the information on the function and any mulfunctionFrame and conveyor belt are made of stainless steel AISI 304Cams are specially built against the effects of frictionAll security systems to ensure operator safety and to optimize the production.Gears and chains have been specially selected to minimize friction and wear.Frequency converter allows easy adjustment of speedIntermittent operation backward / forward for production testing.Digital temperature controlManagement with separate electric motor for easy control the sizes of X - folding (wide / narrow).



20-58 packets/min.

Based on the rice cake size and the type of wrapping material

Chellophane thickness

Min. 25 micron – max. 40 micron

Power consumption

2,2 kW

Electrical supply

380V + Neutral + gnd – 50Hz – 3 Phases

Air Consumption

6 bar - 200 l/min

Wrapping material


Maximum reel diameter

300 MM

Reel width

150-350 mm

Core diameter

75 mm

Net weight

1100 kg


113x418x190(H) cm

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