Stempher B.V. Koninklijke Verpakkingsindustrie

Stempher introduces new generation digitally pasted paper sacks

Koninklijke Verpakkingsindustrie Stempher B.V. has been manufacturing paper valve sacks and open mouth sacks for over 100 years, and is one of the first companies in Europe to supply digitally glued paper sacks. A new revolutionary development offers many benefits to the customer companies filling these sacks.
“Investment in this new digital production line offers Stempher more options to serve major paper valve sack customers”, says Mr. Arjen van de Werve, the company’s Managing Director.
“A major advantage of these sacks is that we guarantee the dust seal - even when filling them with very fine powders. Also, the new technology of the sacks on the filling lines enables very quick processing, as in terms of size and construction, the sacks are highly constant and stable. The vastly improved airation possibilities also ensure quicker filling of the sacks. The very flat head and bottom finish substantially facilitates post-fill labelling or print, with a better-looking final result”.
As an independent manufacturer, Stempher has short lines within its organisation, enabling it to operate in the market with speed and flexibility. With its new production line, Stempher is also capable of reducing cycle times due to shorter drying times as a result of the highly accurate and reduced glue dosing.
Stempher has two production sites in Rijssen, the Netherlands, supplying heavy duty paper and polyethylene packaging or combinations of these materials, either unprinted or printed (flexoprint up to 8 colours) throughout Europe.
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