Achem Technology Corp.

Stationery Tape Series

Super Clear OPP Stationery Tape is coated with crystal-clear transparency BOPP film and solvent-based acrylic adhesive. The product features are crystalline, high tack and strong adhesion. It is recommended for arts, crafts, and gift-wrapping purposes. Using this tape makes articles or documents more perfect and finished.

This type of tape can utilize Polypropylene (OPP), Polyester (PET) or Cellophane as the backing material with either rubber or acrylic adhesive. In addition to the ease of tearing, our OPP tape is light and transparent, with a very thin adhesive coating, hence the lack of the “bleeding” phenomenon. Our polyester-based product offers a variety of colours. It is ideal for arts and crafts, gift-wrapping and food packaging applications.

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