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Starlinger: Spotlight on PP*STAR at Interpack 2014

At Interpack from May 8-14, 2014 in Dusseldorf, the sustainable packaging concept PP*STAR will take centre stage at the Starlinger & Co GmbH exhibit. The pinch-bottom bag developed by the Starlinger consumer bags division brings together material savings, product protection and attractive presentation. The key characteristic: PP*STAR bags are made from a composite of polypropylene tape fabric and reverse printed OPP film. This makes them lightweight and at the same time extremely durable and tear resistant. They are appealing to the eye and provide reliable protection against external influences especially for sensitive bulk goods such as pet food or fertiliser.

Free-fall endurance test

At the booth of Starlinger & Co. Ges.m.b.H. in hall 11/C20, PP*STAR bags will be shown in free fall. A visible demonstration of their high strength and endurance: While other bags often burst when dropped – for example in the process of lifting them from a shopping cart into the car boot – a PP*STAR bag can fall off a shelf several metres high without breaking.

Besides this decisive advantage for transport and logistics PP*STAR bags have still more to offer. Specially designed for packaging sensitive dry bulk goods for consumer use such as dog food, cat litter, or flour, a PP*STAR bag reliably protects its contents from external influences such as moisture or insects. Excellent barrier properties prevent leakage of grease even after long storage periods. The laminated printed OPP film lends itself to attractive design; even sack bottoms and sides are fully printable. An optional easy-open closure makes it even easier for consumers to access the bag contents.

FIBCs from PET tapes: New transport possibilities for loose bulk materials

As a further highlight, the Starlinger booth will also display an FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) made of 100 % PET container fabric. In collaboration with the petrochemical company Sabic, the division Starlinger textile packaging has developed a process for production of PET weaving tapes, characterised by high tensile strength coupled with low residual shrinkage and high creep modulus. One field where these properties are especially valued is FIBCs. These are usually made of polypropylene fabric, but this material is not suitable for all bulk content applications. Here FIBCs from PET tape fabric offer some decisive advantages: The high creep modulus enables them to maintain their shape and diameter even in long-term storage. Depending on the contents, they can be stacked several layers high without tipping over. Their dimensional stability makes them a viable alternative to expensive types of bulk packaging such as octabins, which are used especially for free-flowing materials.

Recycling of production waste

Processing of waste generated during production of plastic packaging — film remnants, rejects, injection-moulded parts — as well as recycling of consumer goods packaging and household waste are the focal points of the Interpack exhibit of the division Starlinger recycling technology. The new C-VAC module ensures highest degassing and purification efficiency during the extrusion process. It can be installed as an add-on to all Starlinger extruders and guarantees high quality recycled material even from highly contaminated or heavily printed plastics.

Sheet from 100% recycled PET

The PET sheet line viscoSHEET, developed by Starlinger viscotec, produces sheet for food packaging from up to 100% recycled PET. Processing rPET, virgin PET and PIR (Post-Industrial Regrind), the line produces sheet compliant with the prevailing FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) standards for food contact applications.

Starlinger at Interpack 2014: Hall 11, Booth C20

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