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Smart Thinking; Smart Printing

Sauven 600 - CIJ alternative

Did you “program” your smart phone when you first bought it? Probably not, you simply used it. Sauven has implemented the same idea in their latest Sauven600 inkjet printer with Touch screen. All everyday print functions are represented by familiar icons and operators no longer need training to enter messages. At the same time, the Windows software that drives the printer allows for a lot more fonts and functions, most of which are just the same as you are already using on your laptop, PC or indeed your smart phone.

On a more technical level, the printer allows all 1D and 2D barcodes (datamatrix) to include variable data. USB and Ethernet connectivity are available for networking and increased processing speed has made the Sauven600 ready for serialisation and unique product identification. Additionally, the Sauven600 can also be fitted with a UV LED lamp for printing with UV-curing inks.

If this already sounds good, Sauven also made an effort with the shape of the printer which was designed with safety in mind as well as an ergonomic look.

In short Sauven has brought the office familiarity into a hi-tech inkjet printer and packaged it into a fresh looking piece of equipment.

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