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Securing value with natural methods - Schümann presents an extended range of gummed tapes at the Interpack 2014

A wide selection: Taking centre stage at this year's appearance at the Interpack by Schümann is the extended range of gummed tapes which are on offer in a wide range of different versions – including ones featuring customer-specific printing.

Taking centre stage at this year's appearance at the Interpack by packaging specialist Schümann is the complete and now extended range of gummed tapes. As there is currently almost no other cardboard packaging closure tape which so consistently realises the factors of safety against tampering and unauthorised opening, stability, sustainability and user friendliness, more and more users are changing over to the tapes made from paper and potato starch. For the first time, Schümann will also present gummed tapes with purely organic reinforcement filaments in Düsseldorf.

Stadtallendorf, March 2014. – Closure tapes for cardboard packaging have to satisfy a wide range of requirements nowadays. They should be visually attractive and reasonably priced, but above all else, safe against tampering and unauthorized opening and tear-proof. Additional selection criteria are their straightforward application, environmental friendliness and the possibility to use the tape as an information carrier. Almost no other closure tape for cardboard packaging covers all these factors as the gummed tapes from Schümann. At its trade fair stand B20 in hall 11 of this year's Interpack (8.5.-14.5.2014), the company will present its extended range of unreinforced and reinforced gummed tapes, and users from a wide range of different sectors will be find any number of solutions for the secure closure of small, large, light and heavy forms of cardboard packaging.

Safety against tampering and unauthorized opening, and stability

The functioning principle of the Schümann gummed tapes is as simple as it is clear: Vegetable glue which is applied thinly to a tape of high quality Kraft paper is activated with water and bonds with the cardboard packaging in a matter of seconds, forming an inseparable unit. The gummed tape, which is applied manually or in an automated process, cannot be removed without leaving behind recognisable traces, and therefore provides the packaging with a high degree of safety against tampering and unauthorised opening. Due to its strong connection with the cardboard packaging it also improves its overall stability, which increases the transport protection and sustains the value. With these alone, the key technical requirements regarding modern safety gummed tapes are already satisfied.

Schümann gummed tapes offer numerous further advantages, however. For example, they can be printed with customer specific product information, advertising messages, ident-codes or logos in a single colour or multicoloured ex-works. This not only increases the functionality of the gummed tapes, it also enhances the visual impression of the packaging. Many manufacturers use the overprinting as a way of differentiating themselves from their competitors, and addressing the customer in a positive way upon the first contact with a high quality design of cardboard packaging. The printing offer available from Schümann also applies to small batches, whereby the company only uses water soluble colours for the printing, to maintain the sound eco-balance of the tapes.

As regards eco-balance: When it comes to sustainability the Schümann gummed tapes are unbeatable! Their natural glue is always extracted from potato starch and the wood used for the production of the Kraft paper only originates from sustainably managed EU forests. The application is also environmentally friendly, as the sticking occurs simply through a moistening with water and without the use of any chemicals.

Sustainable single material packaging

From the viewpoint of sustainability, the new Schümann Green Line products range proved to be a magnet for visitors to the Interpack. This is because, rather than the polyester filaments that are normally used for the reinforcement, these reinforced gummed tapes use purely organic filaments only for the first time. In this way the manufacturer is extending the possibilities of sustainable, recyclable single material packaging to the field of heavy cardboard packaging, for which reinforced filament gummed tapes are mostly required. The decisive factor here: in terms of their tear resistance, the organic filaments in the Green Line are in no way inferior to the previously used plastic filaments! The user doesn't have to make any compromises – in terms of neither the stability, the tightness, nor the safety against tampering and unauthorized opening.

And don’t forget: The gummed tapes from Schümann have a high resistance to both heat and cold, and thanks to their material quality, can be stored for a very long time. If required, they can also be supplied with tear-and-open strips, and once the work is done, they can be sent for recycling together with the cardboard packaging.

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