Simionato Integrated Packaging System Srl


The auger doser designed by Simionato has been further refined to facilitate cleaning.

The auger doser is a volumetric dosing system ideal for powder products with problems of compaction, dustiness and variable density. The new line of Simionato dosers with electronic control of the rotation of the screw, has been developed to further improve the hygiene and the dosing accuracy.

The auger doser is removable for easy cleaning and sanitizing in the eventual production change. The auger screw, controlled by a brushless motor, allows the immediate stop of the product, ensuring an extremely precise dosage. Thanks to the high mechanical efficiency even at a low-revolution, the auger doser is particularly suitable to be used for dosing “difficult” products such as cocoa, milk powder, etc.

Available with the auger doser is a loading system comprised of a loading hopper and screw elevator that allows for simplified product loading, product changeover, and end of production cleaning.

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