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Rocklid GP G Press Release

Rocklid GP Dual Ovenable Peelable Lidding for All Tray Types

Rockwell Solutions Ltd is pleased to present Rocklid GP G PET peelable, dual ovenable lidding for all containers types. Rocklid GP allows the end user to keep the lidding film on the tray during cooking in a conventional oven or microwave. For added convenience, Rocklid GP G acts as a slow release steamer film and self-vents in the oven; the end user does not need to pierce the film before cooking. The product is cooked retaining a higher amount of moisture, colour and without the drying out that can be experienced when the lidding film is removed before cooking.

The use of trays for the prepared foods is rapidly increasing. The market has traditionally used very thick laminated films for sealing and peeling to e.g. foil or other ovenable or microwaveable containers. Laminates are not ovenable by definition due to the low melt temperature and migration of the sealant. Such laminated films must be removed before cooking exposing the product being cooked to prolonged periods of dry heat.

Rocklid GP G lidding approximately has twice the yield of a typical laminate. The film can withstand the full range of oven temperatures and presents the consumer with a higher quality of cooked product. Rocklid GP G is also available with anti-fog for good presentation in the chiller cabinet. Barrier, print and laser perforation can be added for MAP and breathable applications. Rocklid GP lidding is 100%PET and is also recyclable.

Rockwell Solutions can provide a complete service, including lidding films for all tray types, from product consultation to recommendation, to research & development, right through to manufacturing. We are an independent packaging company with over 30 years experience in flexibles and heat seal technology: laminates, co-extruded films for thermoforming, coated films and the master batch additives required to produce them. We deliver revolutionary flexible packaging, for example, Biopeel, the worlds first biodegradable, renewable, heat sealable, peelable PLA film for PLA or any container type.

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