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Reconciling production with marketing

Directors of food and Home and Personal Care companies ought to invite their production and marketing departments to plan a visit to Serac’s stand at the Interpack exhibition this year and discover how smart packaging lines can develop both process efficiency and creativity.
In line with its mission and core values, Serac will be displaying 4 state-of-the-art packaging solutions designed as part of the company’s complete equipment range and encouraging added-value product innovation by our customers.

Blow-fill-cap Combox machine:
On-site production of attractive PET packages within reach for a maximum number of manufacturers
Launched in 2013, Serac’s Combox is the only high-hygiene blow-fill-cap machine tailored to production outputs under 12,000 bottles per hour. Designed with a constant concern for optimization, this single-block unit is within reach of a maximum number of manufacturers, be they large companies willing to invest in a niche market or small to medium-sized manufacturers. The Combox integrates the best of Serac’s know-how in aseptic filling and PET blowing. As an example of what the Combox can accomplish, Serac will explain how the latest machine installed in Brazil is used to blow delicate fruit-shaped 50 ml PET flasks from a preform as tiny as 2.3 grams, and fill it with fruit-flavoured yoghurt.

Roll N Blow bottle thermoforming process:
A ground-breaking technology that allows migration from pouches or cartons to plastic bottles
Serac’s Roll N Blow thermoforming machine allows you to produce bottles on site, directly from PS or PP reels, with unrivalled cost-effective investment and reduced running costs.
This machine, which does not need any melting of plastic, requires very little expertise in plastic processing and is quite simple to operate. It is a perfect solution for companies willing to widen their product range by introducing bottles to it. This ground-breaking technology has already been adopted by companies in Russia and Morocco for the packaging of drinking yoghurt.

Nova Dosing System:
State-of-the-art dosing know-how to industrialize complex recipes on existing lines
With 80 years of testing and experience, Nova (a company of Serac Group) has a world-wide reputation as the experts in dosing all kind of ingredients used in yoghurt and dairy desserts recipes. Capitalizing on this know-how, the company is now offering stand-alone dosing stations for customers already equipped with a filling machine or for OEM integration. Adapted to sophisticated filling methods such as layered and spiral filling of different ingredients or complex combinations, Nova Dosing Systems push the boundaries of creativity for manufacturers of various food products.

New Generation Filler-Capper FC helps manufacturers boost their competitive edge
Serac’s New Generation Filler-Capper FC offers Home and Personal Care products manufacturers the opportunity to increase productivity, speed-up market launches and reduce operational costs.
The machine includes Serac’s latest innovations to facilitate surface care, fabric care or hair care products differentiation with countless variations of containers, cap shapes, applications or fragrances at managed costs.
By integrating the 3 major filling and handling components into one standardized station, Serac has begun a Revolution toward faster, cleaner and more efficient packaging solutions.

Serac at Interpack 2014

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