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ROTOPLAT SERIES 8: pallet protection and restriction can finally be fully controlled

Merchandise packaging is the main reason for claims in the event the product reaches its destination damaged. Good palletising and custom-made third party packaging for each product are key in avoiding problems associated with merchandise protection, restriction and transport.

To meet the growing demand for packaging customisation and optimisation regarding specific product features, Gilberto Monaldini Sales & Marketing Manager Robopac, confirms that Robopac will introducing MULTILEVEL CONTROL for the first time, the innovative hardware and software solution installed on all ROTOPLAT Series 8 models.

The high performance 7-inch colour touch screen with icons specifically designed and created by Robopac has led to the implementation of the MULTILEVEL CONTROL function.

Filiberto Felici, Product Manager Robopac, confirm that MULTILEVEL CONTROL is the standard solution and it is installed on: ROTOPLAT 108 FRD, ROTOPLAT 308 FR, ROTOPLAT 508 PDS and ROTOPLAT 708 PVS. The function can be simply and intuitively enabled on each of the six saveable programs. Product height can be broken down into 5 different levels, all thickness adjustable, and film stretch, pre-stretch (only on driven carriages), reinforcement wraps, plate rotation speed, carriage speed, film roping type and even pressure platen use or bypass, if, obviously, installed as an option, can be adjusted on each of these. But that’s not all. Each of the 5 levels can be set with values depending on the carriage drive direction, meaning even different for ascent and descent. This aims to save film and reduce cycle time with clear benefits to productivity.

During the settings phase, the operator can simply and intuitively select which and how many levels will be enabled during the automatic packaging cycle.

This way each product can be packaged with its own specific cycle, a cycle that permits optimal restriction and protection as well as significant applied stretch film savings.

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