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Quality Assurance at the Highest Level

Components within the Dymond X-Ray series detect even glass in glass contamination

With the Dymond X-ray inspection series Sartorius Intec prove once more their leading position in the field of quality assurance and offer with their solutions a 360 ° View on Your Packaging Line. Through the precise image processing the models 40, 80, 120 and S achieve even in demanding applications with high flow rates outstanding results. In addition, they are designed to be easily integrated into existing packaging lines.

All the solutions Sartorius Intec offer are concentrated on three important areas. Product quality, focusing on the average weight control, the recording of attributes and critical process parameters; Food safety, by detecting, removing and the recording of product contamination as well as Productivity, with monitoring of machine performance and fill level optimization.

By visiting the stand you will find even more innovative solutions in the field of industrial weighing and inspection technology, in particular for metal detection, time-saving process management systems, high-precision weighing technology as well as a global service.

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