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O. KLEINER AG manufactures food and non-food flexible packaging for the domestic and international markets.

At this year's Interpack14, O. KLEINER AG emerges again as a pioneer, launching a new packaging solution developed in close co-operation with Dow Chemical: pacXpert™.

The user-friendly pouch, with its recloseable screw-top, is available in various sizes. Its integrated handles permit easy pouring and its structure prevents "glugging" for liquid products.

pacXpert™ is versatile in its utilisation (for food and non-food products in quantities from 2 to 20 liters), available transparent and white opaque and is printable in all three O. KLEINER
processes. Its inherent lightness and ease of emptying mean considerably less weight and costs for disposal than those of conventional rigid packs. Thanks to the minimal use of raw materials and energy in production, as well as O.
KLEINER's carbon-neutral films and laminates, pouches possess an excellent sustainability profile.

Digital Printing is taking on an even greater significance within O.KLEINER AG. The next important step in this technology's development for flexible packaging will be taken with the
installation of the HP20000. Hewlett Packard's newest press, has a 736 mm print width, a far higher running speed than its predecessor (the W6600) and further improved printing quality.
The world's first 100% commercial, fully functional HP20000 machine will be installed at O.KLEINER AG immediately after Interpack14.

Initial printed samples from the HP20000 will be on display at the exhibition. Moreover, customers will be able to compare for themselves the same image printed in all three
processes offered by O.KLEINER AG: HD-Flexo, Gravure and Digital. Even subtle differences will be clearly discernible under high magnification.

In February this year O.KLEINER AG installed its latest W&H 8 + 1 colour Flexo machine with an integrated gravure printing station. The gravure station is ideally suited to the application of matt and sealing lacquers and high density coverage white inks.

Developed from their "Packaging and the Environment" ecological programme, O.KLEINER's carbon-neutral packaging films and laminates have steadily been gaining new customers
both in Switzerland and abroad. Any unavoidable CO2 emissions from manufacture of the products are offset within climate protection projects from "myclimate". The latest products
will be displayed at the exhibition.

Their worldwide acclaimed CANPEEL®-System enabled O. KLEINER AG, for the first time back in 2004, to combine the advantages of flexible packaging and metal. This technology
transformed the traditional can into a modern and more user-friendly form. Advanced uses e.g. in sterilisable applications have been developed and introduced successfully into the
international market. A transparent laminate has been recently developed for Russian sprat and caviar packaging. Transparent applications for soup packaging will also be displayed at
the exhibition.

O.KLEINER AG will present their latest developments and products on stands J35 and J36 in Hall 9.

Interpack 2014, Düsseldorf, Hall 9, stands J35, J36

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