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PS mako @ interpack 2014

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At the Interpack PS mako will present in hall 15, booth D37, many examples of its large manufacturing program for the bread and bakery industry.

1. Closing machines with a leading closing system

PS mako, a machine manufacturer with a high level of innovation, delivers to the foodstuffs, luxury food and to the consuming industry throughout the world packaging machines with wide ranges of capacity, which can reach a capacity of approx.100 packages per minute.
The machines can be filled manual or be combined with a vertical or horizontal bag filling and sealing machine. The plurality of closings is unique worldwide. Beside the wire clip closing the machines are also deliverable with the closing system Clip Strip plus, a metal free originality closure with the possibility to reclose the bag.

New is the “Plastic lock closure” likewise to a concept already existing on the market. The advantages are, extreme high power and general plant safety. The PS mako machines are also configurable for twist and tape closures. Further there is the possibility to place different closing systems in a machine concept.

Additional equipment for the fixing of hanging labels completes the package of presentation possibilities. (Abb. 1)

Further interesting is the uninterruptible clip band infeed which can be realised with different machines especially in the high capacity range. One of the advantages is the fast automatic change of the clip band rolls from one onto the second roll so a machine stop and also a reduction of capacity could be avoided.


2. Industrial Bread slicing and packaging machine

PS mako shows on the Interpack semi- and fully automatic bag closing machines which are connected to industrial bread slicing machines. Very interesting is our successfully high capacity packaging machine RIANTA VA660, this technique combines the construction principles; simply handling, hygienic angles, simple maintenance, high production capacity, simple format changing, reliability especially in multi-shift operation and process reliability. (Abb. 2)

3. Innovative packaging solutions for the food-, consumer goods – and the hygiene industry

The semi- and fully automatic, horizontal and vertical working bag filling and closing machines offer numerous capabilities. They are not just combinable with different packaging and welding machines. Typical application areas are the packaging of long-life bakery products, candies and pasta. But PS mako also offers solutions for other products of the food-, consumer goods-, and the hygiene industry e.g. trays, beakers, plates, candles, cotton wool products, sanitary napkins, baby hygiene and also bulk packaging.

As a specialist for packages PS mako delivers individual fitted special solutions for particular requirements in close collaboration with the customer.

At last several fully automatic machines for packaging of hollow articles (e.g. Easter eggs) in film with clip closure have been started up. (Abb. 3)

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