New veterinary cannula

Veterinary cannula

For years now, Stiplastics is specialized in dosing devices; we now decide to hit the veterinary market with a specific cannula, completely thought for veterinarian uses, pets and farm.

It presents lots of advantages:
- the supple and flexible nozzle is perfect to deliver the exact dose of medicine directly inside the auditory canal without hurting the animal.
- Tamper Evident cap: must be broken before the first use.
- re-closable cap, system Turn & close : hermetical closure totally airtight. To dispense the medication, just do a quarter turn to open the top of tube.
- To close, re-screw the other way around and the medicine is kept safe inside the bottle. No more cap lost!
- The cannula can be easily used with a single hand. No more risk of contamination by touching the dirty nozzle with the hand to close the cap.

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