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New England Machinery at Interpack

Model NELPSO Monoblock Unscrambler/Secondary Orienter

NEM will be presenting its Flying Yellow Bottles Display at Interpack Dusseldorf, Germany, May 8-14, 2014. New England Machinery, Inc. (NEM) will be showing its famous ‘flying yellow bottles’ display at the Interpack 2014 show in Hall 12 #12D52. This display includes NEM’s model NEHHLP, low profile unscrambler monoblocked with an SOE-3 secondary orienter. The space-saving monoblock machine offers unscrambling and secondary orienting all within the same framework, saving valuable production floorspace. The unscrambler is offered in different sizes and is ideal for high speed lines.

Along with the space-saving footprint, the benefits of the NEHHLP unscrambler include a low profile design that allows easy access to all subassemblies, positive container handling of a wide range of container shapes and sizes, an extra-wide speed range for a greater variety of containers, and quick tool-less changeover. The versatility of the NEHHLP bottle unscrambler is ideal for production lines with a high number of SKU’s running on the same line. The integrated secondary orienter can correctly orient off-set necks or handled containers. It uses no change parts and can be by-passed for containers not requiring secondary orientation.

The ‘flying bottles’ display attracts attention by re-circulating containers back to the unscrambler by ‘flying’ them through the air. The ‘bottle thrower’ is actually an NEM model NEDP gap transfer that has been tilted and sped up to ‘shoot the bottles into the air’. The NEDP can be used in production bridging containers between two conveyors, it can be used to assist in bottom coding, depucking, crossing over deadplates, container inspection and much more.

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