Bluhm Systeme GmbH

New: Control marking processes easily and reliably

With Bluhmware Control software, it is possible to control one or more Bluhm marking systems – labellers, inkjet printers, lasers – in milliseconds. The software, which has been successfully used in the market for a number of years, has been subject to continuous further development. The result: software consisting of many elements with an intuitive user interface. All marking systems and peripherals used are represented clearly and the status of each can be seen. Batch date management, BBD determination etc. make the operator's everyday work easier in the production department. Videos, images and pictograms support, for example, error diagnosis and correction. Complementing the “Bluhmware Control” production control software, there’s the “Bluhmware Cockpit”, enabling monitoring of the marking systems, productivity etc. at a glance.

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