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Faulty Label Removal System from Newman Labelling

Newman Labelling Systems has designed the Faulty Label Removal (FLR) System for use with its full range of pharmaceutical standard labelling systems.

The traditional method of tracking faulty labels, applying them to a container then rejecting the container, whilst effective, has been seen as wasteful. The FLR System has been introduced in response to the growing demand within the international pharmaceutical industry for a labelling system to have a reliable and efficient system for removing faulty labels prior to application to a container.

The FLR System will remove a faulty label as designated by the labelling systemPLC control and, should the system not receive “good signals” from thescanning devices in use (including bar code reader, missing overprint detector, OCV camera and 2D matrix code reader) the faulty label is securely removed from the label web prior to application onto the container. These faulty labels are then transferred to a paper roll for batch reconciliation and inspection.

Newman Labelling Systems Managing Director John Clayton is keen to point out that his FLR system operates differently and, he claims, more effectively than other systems already on the market: “Newman isn’t the first to introduce a system to remove faulty labels, but we have spent longer in R&D and designed a system that we believe is superior. The problem with systems currently in the market is that many have to slow the labelling machine down to remove the faulty label prior to application and some systems accumulate faulty labels on top of each other on a sleeve, making physical reconciliation impossible. Both of these are major drawbacks for obvious reasons.

“The Newman engineering team has now fully developed (Patent pending) a compact new system which overcomes the deficiencies of the existing systems, whilst fully satisfying the highest level of GMP Standards demanded by the Industry.”

The Newman FLR is available now as an optional extra on Newman Labelling systems. It can handle both paper and clear labels and can be validated at production speeds up to 550 C.P.M., with a full physical label reconciliation capability.

Newman Labelling Systems is a leading manufacturer of labelling systems, with models designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. It has a customer base that includes the world’s top ten pharmaceutical companies. All purpose built systems are fully compliant with FDA cGMP requirements and can be supplied with validation completed up to PQ.

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