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Maximum Flexibility: The New Chamber Belt Machine B 210

At Interpack 2014 in Düsseldorf, MULTIVAC will be presenting its new chamber belt machine B 210 for the first time. The primary objective in the development of the machine is its flexibility in use, which is why the B 210 is available in a wide variety of versions and configurations. In this way the chamber belt machine will be individually adaptable to the respective needs of the customer and suitable for packaging a wide range of products.

"With the new chamber belt machine B 210, we want to offer our cus-tomers an affordable entry into automated packaging in film pouches”, says Andreas Hackl, Product Manager for chamber machines at MULTIVAC. The machine is equipped with an electric chamber lid mechanism and an automatic transport conveyor in the chamber for conveying the products out. This provides the customer with a com-pact and attractively priced solution for automatic packaging in film pouches which only requires a small footprint. Through the attachment of the sealing bars in L-form (on the front and on the right and left side), the B 210 guarantees high product output. Since the B 210 can also be equipped with a product infeed conveyor, it can also be used like a standard chamber belt machine.

With the new B 210, MULTIVAC is offering its customers an interest-ing packaging solution which is positioned in the product portfolio of MULTIVAC between the semi-automatic double-chamber machines and the automatic conveyor belt machines.

Due to its modular design, the B 210 can be designed individually to the various needs of customers. The B 210 is equipped with two chamber sizes (W 1150 x D 500 mm or W 800 x D 670 mm) and available with two different chamber lid heights and with different sealing bar arrangements.

The height of the transport conveyor in the chamber can be adjusted at the press of a button. This ensures that products of different sizes are packaged wrinkle-free and in a manner that is visually appealing. This simple adjustability guarantees high packaging quality even with frequently changing products.
To increase the cycle output, the opening width of the chamber lid can be adapted to each product height.

Due to the high degree of flexibility of the B 210, there are almost no limits to the products to be packaged. In addition to different product sizes, different types of products can be packaged. The spectrum of applications ranges from foods such as fresh meat, sausages, cheese or fish to technical products such as precision parts or ball bearings.

The B 210 is equipped with the MC10 machine control, which has 30 recipe storage slots and ensures intuitive operation. The chamber lid mechanism is electrical and consumes no compressed air in contrast to the usual pneumatically driven chamber lids on the market.

For the production of shrink-wrapped packs, the B 210 can be ex-panded into a shrink packaging line with a shrinking unit (SE 115) and a dryer (TE 115).

Their high-quality and durable stainless steel construction, together with the groundbreaking MULTIVAC Hygiene DesignTM, ensure that there is optimum ease of cleaning. This has a very positive effect on pack safety and therefore on consumer protection. The B 210 is equipped with features including hygiene-optimised feet and a hy-giene-optimised control cabinet, for example.

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