Aetna Group S.p.A.

Machine mod. ST@R MASTER

The ST@R bundling machine family’s success is re-launched with ST@R MASTER, implementing new technologies to drive us forward.

We built it, explains Federico Mascagni Sales & Marketing Dimac, to improve wrapping quality limit consumption and boost operator safety by offering: High energy efficient motors; New gull-wing guards; Simplified maintenance; Innovative man-machine interface.

These are the main innovations for St@r Master:

Extensive use of servo motors. Drives controlled by brushless motors replace belt transmissions, increasing drive management precision and providing the machine with a design that aims for essentialism.

Improved accessibility. The operator side is now free of obstacles and separated from the maintenance side. The installation of full vision guards and the sliding operator panel always permit complete machine control.

Safety. The repositioned mechanical parts have allowed for the installation of superior gull-wing guards and an extensive layout of safety switches and emergency buttons.

Graphic interface and data management. Redesigned with 3-D graphics and new icons to provide a user-friendly and highly intuitive user experience. The USB port allows authorised devices to quickly manage production data.

Infeed. The new anti-jamming devices is integrated in the machine and, due to the possibility of working in two directions, significantly facilitates non-standard designed product line-up.

Spool carriage and film unwinding unit. The new film unwinding system is unilaterally supported to permit fast spool change. Rollers are free to adapt to film fluctuations providing even and tear-free film unwinding.

Wrapping unit. The new wrapping system with bilateral track profile improves wrapping bar trajectory control, ensuring bundle quality repeatability. The replacement of resin belts with metallic mesh belts controlled by servo motors lets you accurately control product speed and guarantee movement linearity. Furthermore, the system reduces the gap between belts, providing high performance even with small or less stable products such as petaloid bottles.

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