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MG2 at Interpack: new machines and new systems

MG2 will be attending Dusseldorf’s kermis with a rich line-up of machines. At Interpack, the Italian company will introduce some of the latest novelties dedicated to pharmaceutical process and packaging, concerning oral solid forms processing (with novelties particularly conceived for containment and production control) as well as secondary and end-of-line packaging (especially focusing on Track & Trace systems).

MG2 has always been keen to understand and satisfy the requirements of pharmaceutical industries, with promptness, efficiency and the most advanced technology available. Strong, thanks to the know-how and experience gained on the sophisticated and demanding technological field of capsule fillers, a few years ago MG2 engaged itself in transferring its know-how to different areas of the pharmaceutical packaging world. At Interpack, visitors will have the possibility to examine in depth the important results of this engagement and to have a first preview of many novelties, as well as to appreciate the optimizations improved on some consolidated machines. Here is a foretaste.


GTF60 is a forming/filling/closing machine, fully electronic, featuring great flexibility and excellent production performances. GTF60 employs brushless motors, ensuring precise functioning and high performances; the machine offers a very wide size range, as it can handle boxes (including lid) from 90 x 40 x40 mm (minimum) up to 300 x 300 x 150 mm (maximum). Confirming the high flexibility of GTF60, it is possible to use different kinds of pressboard or line boards. The box can be closed by mobile folders or glue-sealed, even on three sides. The machine can reach a production speed up to 60 cycles/minute, depending on box size and type of product feeding system. The balcony design guarantees the complete accessibility on each side, in order to optimize cleaning and functioning operations. The use of chainless systems allows to minimize cleaning time and maintenance requirements. All phases of box forming, product infeed, filling and box closing are carefully controlled. Numerous automatic feeding systems are available, using conveyor belts, buckets, stacking or others. The product can be uploaded in the tray by push, by an original MG2 pick & place, or by robot. The infeed position is extremely flexible, for both in-line and 90-degree feeding, in order to meet any line’s layout requirement. In the end, it is possible to fit the machine with several loading areas and different units, such as: leaflet insertion unit; box content control; box marking/labelling; bar code readers; rejection station.


GSL10 is a horizontal case packer suitable to form, fill and close RSC cases, either by means of tape or hot-melt glue. It features positive and forced case opening, as well as a reliable product feeding and collation, operator ergonomics, easy and quick size change-over. GSL10 can handle cases ranging from 150x100x100 mm up to 600x400x400 mm. Product feeding can be placed either to the right or left of the case store. Speed is up to 10 cases per minute, depending on case size and product arrangement. GSL10 case packer can be equipped with several product feeding solutions, as well as some optional units such as bar code readers, videocameras, ink jet printers, labellers (for pre-printed labels or P&A) and reject stations.

ACE CT/400 – ACE BT/300 Track & Trace systems

The ACE CT/400 Track & Trace is a marking and verification system which has the ability to print a unique identifying 2D-Data Matrix code onto cartons and simultaneously to read, verify and constantly monitor the code printing quality of each carton. After each print job is inspected, the respective carton is either fed toward the conveyor or, in the case of faulty printing, discharged from the packaging line. Using the smallest foot-print, the ACE CT/400 prints and verifies up to 400 cartons per minute and can be integrated into any existing or new packaging line. It features a positive carton controlling system, yet an easier and safer carton handling management, even at high speed. The ACE CT/400 system has the ability to process cartons measuring from 20x20x80mm up to 120x80x200 mm. MG2 can also supply Track & Trace solutions for packaging lines for bottles (mod. ACE BT/300, which will be on show as well) or bundles, featuring a reduced footprint which can be easily integrated to existing lines, suitable to handle a wide range of shapes and sizes, thanks to easy and minimum adjustments, in order to get the maximum flexibility of use.


SELEKTA/W is the new check-weigher and sorting machine for tablets and capsules designed by MG2, mixing its experience in handling these solid forms (gained through capsule fillers) with the technological heart of MultiNETT weight control system. The machine features high speed, great accuracy and wide flexibility as for shape and size of products to be handled. Depending on the product, SELEKTA can check up to 500.000 units/hour, with an incredibly high accuracy level. It can be directly connected to the production machine (tablet press or capsule filler) or used as a stand-alone unit, with automatic or manual load, for small batches. The machine selects conforming and non-conforming units through a fail-safe system, thanks to sensors located in the critical phases of the process. Easy to use and maintain, size change-over is quickly performed by replacing two sets of parts, which can be easily disassembled. SELEKTA/CW is another version available, which performs weighing, sorting as well as product counting, and it can be integrated to a line suitable to pack tablets or capsules into bottles.

FlexaLAB for containment

FlexaLAB for containment is the evolution of the well-known MG2’s capsule filler for laboratories mod. FlexaLAB. The containment system features a particular liftable isolator concept, which allows the machine to keep its peculiarity to change different dosing units. This result is obtained while ensuring proper production safety, for both the operator and the environment; in fact, the system allows the machine to satisfy the highest containment class, OEL5, guaranteeing a concentration of active substance lower than 1 µg per cubic metre. FlexaLAB containment version can be equipped with a Wet-in-Place system, which allows to fix powders when the production cycle ends, before opening the isolator. Through the same spray gun it is possible to use both liquids and compressed air. By adding some spray balls and other devices, FlexaLAB is configured for a complete Wash-In-Place system, to further automate the cleaning process. Other optional devices enable to customize the production outfeed to an external container or a continuous liner, as well as the connection to other devices, such as a deduster or a metal detector.


TEKNA is the capsule filler which integrates tradition and innovation, inheriting the best of recent and consolidated technological solutions available in the wide range of MG2’s models. Thanks to this machine, which is easily accessible and with a small optimized footprint, MG2 can perfectly meet the requirements of customers who want to produce, with the highest accuracy, hard shell capsules filled with powder (even low dosages without compactation), also when containment and/or Wet-in-Place/WiP/CiP requirements are needed. In fact TEKNA was specially designed for these purposes and integrates many suitable features, such as the placement of all motorization and lubrication devices in the technical zone and its complete separation from the production area. The high level of innovation, performance and reliability is also confirmed by the presence as standard of the 100% in-process net weight control system MultiNETT and the “No capsule – No dosage” concept of the dosing unit, which avoids the dosators to pick the product in case of absence of an empty capsule to be filled. This important feature brings many benefits as for quality, safety and business efficiency, both during start-up and production phases, by reducing the loss of product and dispersion of powder in the dosing area as well as in the environment. TEKNA is available for production speed up to 140.000 or 70.000 capsules/hour; speed can be upgraded from 70.000 up to 140.000 capsules/hour even at a later date, by simply integrating a set of parts. The system architecture which controls machine functions takes advantage of high technology components and state-of-art software, including the possibility of connection to remote or centralised systems.

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