M.A.R. Macchine Automatiche Riempitrici S.p.A.

M.A.R. powder dosing and stoppering monobloc Mod. “M41/24P/2S” AN EXTRA REDUCED FOOTPRINT FOR AN HIGH SPEED UNIT

Vacuum/Pressure dosing system

Machine equipped with check-weighing system

Machine running at 300 p/min. without check-weighing & 120 p/min. with 100% check-weighing

Possibility to carry out statistical check-weighing

Minimum vial dimensions: Ø 20 mm. / H. 35 mm.

Maximum vial dimensions: Ø 55 mm. / H. 120 mm.

Minimum dosage : 0.7 cc. / Maximum dosage : 3.2 cc. in single dose for 20 mm. neck vials

Possibility of double dosage for higher dosages

Double dosing station having 12 dosing chambers for each station (total 24 chambers)

Incomplete/incorrect vial rejection system provided

Machine frame dimensions: 1150 x 1100 mm. & Stopper hopper/bowl supporting structure: 810 x 900 mm.

Exhibitor Data Sheet