Loma Systems

Loma System Scoops National Manufacturing award for Toolbox

Loma Systems, a manufacturer of food inspection equipment, has won the national EEF Future Manufacturing Award for Innovative Operating Practices and Processes.

Presented at the EEF national gala dinner held at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London, the manufacturer of metal detection, checkweighers and x-ray systems beat prestigious firms, including Rolls Royce and Siemens, to take the crown. The Innovative Practices and Processes award is a deserved recognition of Loma’s steadfast commitment to making food safer for customers. The award acknowledged the firm’s development of new equipment with leading detection performances, as well as Loma’s QuickShip equipment delivery programme created to help customers quickly fulfil production spikes that regularly occur during promotional seasons and on receipt of retailer contracts.

EEF, dubbed the most powerful force that backs European manufacturing, hand-picked Loma for successfully implementing a suite of business methods, called the ‘ToolBox’. These business simplification tools have been used to engage their workforce through transparent self-monitoring and decision-making; resulting in a positive impact on everything from product design and supply chain management, through to machine up-time rates and equipment maintenance. One example is the reduction in equipment build time: “The ToolBox taught us to design and build equipment in zones - with everything I need to configure the wiring of a panel now at my fingertips, build time is about 10% of what it was! Knowing that I’m more productive, the new practices have greatly improved my job satisfaction,” said Loma Engineer Roy Lawler.

The judging panel felt Loma’s ‘ToolBox’ was an excellent example of a tried and trusted approach which touched and enhanced all parts of the business. Award sponsor, Pera Technology chief executive Paul Tranter, said: “When developing a new process, repeatability is key. This was something that was fully understood by Loma Systems, who is now reaping the benefits across their businesses. I’d like to extend my congratulations to Loma Systems as an inspiration for other manufacturers looking to invest in new processes that are yet to take the first step.”

The ‘ToolBox’ has been rolled out across Loma’s manufacturing facility, engineering and customer service departments over the last 48 months. It has resulted in the launch of a number of food inspection systems, unparalleled customer service response rates, plus a recent upsurge in new equipment orders.

Tools included, amongst others, Pareto Principle (80/20 rule), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), supplier scorecard systems and an employee engagement plan. This seamless approach has seen Loma’s profitability rise dramatically, as well as enhancing employee welfare and retention. “I’m overwhelmingly proud of the achievements the team have made and this award celebrates their hard work and dedication in implementing our ToolBox methodology,” comments Simon Spencer, Loma Systems Managing Director.

Jim Davison, Region Director for the South East at EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, said: “The EEF Future Manufacturing Awards showcase the best of European innovation and excellence. They mark our industry’s importance, competitiveness and ability to adapt and thrive. Loma Systems is a worthy recipient of this award.”

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