OCME S.r.l.


OCME has a long history as a supplier of solutions for line supervision.

Today OCME offers its customers advanced software for managing the entire production line, in addition to the classic views by diagrams (synoptic). The system collects, aggregates and processes the information from the machines in order to propose an effective management of the plant.

This solution is called by the acronym LIS (Line Information System), a complete supervision package that combines, through a modular structure, the functions of a traditional system with the typical characteristics of the MES - the system that collects and transmits all the data required for the production, from the order to finished product.

LIS is a scalable supervisor built on ArchestrA Wonderware technology , whose basic components, namely InTouch HMI, Historian and Information Web Server are combined and customized to form the LIS.
LIS allows simultaneous monitoring from a single point, of all the machines that make up the line. Via a touch screen panel it’s possible to view:

• the status of the machines
• the diagnostic of the alarms
• production reports
• the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

paying attention to downtime, loss of speed and all the parameters useful to understand the overall effectiveness and performance of the workflow.

LIS is fully integrated with the machines and the exchange of data is guaranteed by the implementation of OMAC (Organization for Machine Automation and Control).

LIS also has a clear interface through the use of 3D, the system synoptic and the details of the machines. It produces reports that are accessible via the In Touch HMI locally, or published on the web server, to allow operators, management, engineering departments to have a direct access and a simple vision of the data collected, statistics and reports.

The global integration of the production cycle, logistical and administrative allows a reduction in operating costs due to real-time supervision of the flow of the production and distribution chain.

The goal of OCME's engineers was to provide a comprehensive tool for the direct management of the line, suitable for the major ERP, OCME machines and third parties, along with user-friendly operator interface and an open and modular system.

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