Lighter cartons for pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies can now take advantage of cartons that are lighter than ever before. Stora Enso, packaging manufacturer Edelmann and packaging line supplier Uhlmann tested and qualified lower-weight board for the production of pharmaceutical cartons in high-speed pharmaceutical packaging lines. The test showed that Stora Enso’s 215 gsm Tambrite board can easily be used in packaging instead of the 250 gsm boards that are typically used, with no compromise in packaging performance.

Such a reduction in package weight generates savings and environmental benefits throughout the supply chain and the product’s life cycle, which means less raw material used, less weight in storage and transportation, less packaging waste and fees to pay, and a lower carbon footprint.

“The project combines Stora Enso’s material expertise with the converting and filling expertise of leading packaging solution suppliers serving pharmaceutical industry,” says Wilfried Schmahl, Segment Development Manager, Stora Enso, who works with both pharmaceutical companies and chocolate and confectionery brand owners. “Focusing on one target, we jointly managed to optimise all factors to achieve the most efficient and the most sustainable output: minimum raw material use, superb printing and converting performance including safety coding on the maximum filling line speed.”

The development project started with printing trials at the end of 2012. Stora Enso’s Tambrite board was tested against several competitive board qualities of 250 gsm basis weight, which is typically used in pharmaceutical cartons. Edelmann manufactured cartons in three sizes and the packaging trial was conducted on a high-tech packaging line at Uhlmann at the maximum speed of 300 boxes per minute. Tambrite at a lower weight from 235, 225 down to 215 gsm, proved to run perfectly at full speed. The innovative solution is being marketed by Edelmann using the name ValueCase.

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