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Loma Systems IQ3+ Metal Detector Conveyor

Following the success of their cutting edge metal detector, the IQ3, Loma are proud to be launching the latest addition to the range – the IQ3+.

The IQ3+ is a true multi-frequency machine. It can operate at any frequency between 40kHz and 900kHz and has the ability to select the ‘correct’ operating frequency in seconds, eliminating the past restrictions caused by single frequency and ‘limited frequency’ detectors.

Sensitivity to metal in the product, especially stainless steel, is a function of the operating frequency of the metal detector. Normally the manufacturer needs to build the metal detector with a specific operating frequency to keep the "product effect" at manageable levels, while getting as much signal from non-magnetic metals as possible. If the frequency is too high, instability and false rejects due to product effect could result; if the frequency is too low the stainless steel detection capability is diminished.


Traditional single frequency metal detectors need internal adjustments when faced with a product that is materially different from others usually inspected on the line. Typically, an engineer must be called to fit new electronics and retune the metal detector, which can take several hours and delay production.

With the multitude of frequencies available on the IQ3+, operators can optimise performance over a wide range of products, where new products are continually being introduced such as those in the chilled food industry or where there is a need to frequently change metallic packaging materials. With increased flexibility, the IQ3+ can easily be adapted to new products, switched to other production lines or manufacturing plants.


The IQ3+ has all the features of the IQ3 but with the addition of an easy to use, icon driven, intuitive full colour graphical touch screen; making it even simpler for operators to use and achieve maximum functionality from the machine.

The IQ3+ technology is report and data capture ready, meaning HACCP and retailer compliance is made simple, and on-board Ethernet and a USB port enable remote data collection.

The addition of the IQ3+ technology to the IQ3 means that the machine is now available in multiple languages. Context sensitive help windows increase the operator’s ability to use the machine autonomously, whilst security and user ID options allow manufacturers to set varying levels of access to settings and functions for their operators.

By running the product to be inspected through the machine, the IQ3+ technology has the unique ability to auto select the correct operating frequency in seconds, making it ideal for the food and packaging industries as major changes in product and packaging no longer require the expense and inconvenience of engineer set up and production downtime is minimised. Selecting the correct operating frequency is key to optimising detection of the grades of stainless steel used in these industries.

Designed to survive even the harshest of manufacturing environments, the IQ3+ meets with IP69K high temperature, high pressure wash-down environmental protection standards.



The IQ3+ is a leader in its field, offering increased immunity over other metal detectors from vibration, electrical interference, case distortion and thermal shock.

The IQ3+ technology can be fitted to an existing Loma IQ3 and its predecessor the IQ2 machine. All metal detectors in this range can benefit from the upgrade to touch screen and enhanced features that the IQ3+ offers.

Loma is a world leader in the design and manufacture of equipment to detect product defects, specification variances or potentially harmful contaminants in consumer products. With a comprehensive range of metal detectors, checkweighers, X-ray and temperature monitoring systems, Loma is committed to providing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for all product inspection requirements to keep food safe.

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