HASTAMAT Verpackungstechnik GmbH

Integration of various packaging levels

Combination weigher CP-16-S32 in combination with the vertical form, fill and seal machine RM-270

Customers are increasingly demanding complete solutions which integrate various stages of the packing process. Together with its sister company LoeschPack, Hastamat is showing a line combination at interpack which packages Napolitains in individual wrapping followed by four-edge sealed bags.

The Napolitains are packaged in a full wrap made of OPP foil and sealed with adhesive points. The individual articles are transported on an inclined conveyor belt to the CP-16-S32 combination weigher from Hastamat. There, the articles can be dosed precisely according to weight or counted to the exact number and then packaged in the downstream RM-270 vertical form, fill and seal machine. This configuration provides an impressive demonstration of LoeschPack and Hastamat’s line competence under the umbrella of the Piepenbrock group.

Exhibitor Data Sheet