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Integra 320, the new integrated robotized blister line


Innovative, ergonomic, designed to be installed in rooms with different class, and to save time and costs. The new integrated robotized blister line Integra 320, presented at Interpack 2014, is a mix of innovation of the best Italian technology. The new machine pitch control system, the new cartoning section and the innovative carton opening and product insertion system contribute in boosting production performance up to 320 blisters and more than 260 cartons a minute. All this is incorporated in a very small footprint, thanks to the integration of the blister thermoforming and carton packaging phases in an integrated line. A three-axes Robocombi with sucker pick-up head, patented by Marchesini, connects the two stations and minimises size change-over operations. The units are no longer made up of several single parts but of integrated blocks, which are replaced in just one go.

Technical features – Thermoforming section

Forming reel
Integra 320 has two standard forming reels: one for the reel in use and one for the spare reel, to cut down on operator involvement. The reel compartment is situated behind clear guards, which protect the reels against process dust. The machine is equipped with a servo-operated film unwinder, which stops automatically when the material runs out. It also has an integrated forming material splicing table with automatic vacuum system, which blocks the film in the correct position, thus speeding up work whenever the reel ends. To conclude, the machine also comes standard with a retracting and integrated cutter.

Rear forming station
The forming station, operated by a servomotor, is installed at the back of the machine, making the layout more compact and clearly separating the product infeed zone. It is possible to adjust the material pull and machine pitch directly from the display.

Product infeed
The product infeed unit is easily fitted in place without having to use tools. The parts have quick-lock couplings to make replacement and assembly work quick and accurate. The machine is supplied pre-arranged to fit a number of combined infeed units to make feasible product change-over operations easier. All the parts are designed so that the product flows easily and smoothly: each step is made with positive motion to avoid obstructions or blind spots. The dust extraction system has plenty of suction points distributed in a capillary manner right along the machine.

Flat sealing
The flat and continuous motion sealing station follows the film so that it can be sealed even at low temperatures. The combined intermittent and tracking movement gives the two materials more time to seal and also at a constant pressure right along the full surface of the blister. If the machine stops, the plates open, thus safeguarding the material between them.

Blister outlet and robotized connection
Once the blister has been cut, it is picked-up and placed on the outlet belt without any other transfer movements before it is picked-up by the Robocombi. This robot picks-up the product, stacks it correctly and places it directly into the buckets of the carton packager. The perforation and coding station has been made even more efficient with accurate waste management in special separate bins.

Technical features – Carton packaging section

The carton packaging section has some important innovative features. The new pick-up and erection system of the cartons with split movement – completely mechanical and in oil bath, to ensure a longer service life and less maintenance – picks up and erects more than 260 cartons a minute with positive motion.

The carton magazine is installed in a practical position for loading and away from the zone where the product runs. Any dust created in the magazine falls to the ground and not onto the moving components.

The carton conveyance system too has been improved: two pushing and contrast teeth guarantee maximum conveyance precision. Great care has been given to the integrity and the stability of the cartons themselves, even at high speeds.

Product insertion unit with pushers equipped with counter-pushers and independent drives. All the units are driven by brushless servomotors so that each station is independent, increasing flexibility even though working at high speeds.


- Designed to be installed in separate rooms
- Innovative machine pitch control system
- Single block size change-over, which is simpler and quicker and cuts down on mechanical adjustments
- The balcony design of the line simplifies cleaning work and fully preserves the integrity of the products. It also offers an excellent view of the individual processes thanks to the larger and transparent guards. The whole set-up clearly complies with GMP standards
- Extensive range of product infeed systems with independent drives that follow the movement of the film. All the parts have quick-lock couplings to ensure speedy size change-over operations and installation accuracy
- New dust extraction system with separation of small chips
- Flat and continuous motion sealing table with film tracking to be able to seal even at low temperatures
- Even more efficient perforation and coding station with accurate waste management in special separate bins
- Direct connection to Robocombi
- New cartoning section and innovative carton opening and product insertion system to ensure high production performance: over 260 cartons a minute
- Product insertion unit with pushers equipped with counter-pushers and independent drives.

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