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Faubel Compact® Label with index -  multi-page booklet with a user-friendly structure.

For a product to be successful in a global market, not only must the quality and design make an impression – it must also be easy for customers to handle, and provide consumers with all the information they require.

Labels are an easy and flexible way of permanently attaching information directly to the product itself. Due to international distribution, it is frequently necessary for the content of these labels to be available in different languages. It is not unusual for pharmaceutical products, for example, to incorporate up to 40 languages.

Documentation and distribution outlay

With one label covering each language, this means that 40 languages would require 40 different versions of the label, all of which would need to be produced in appropriate quantities, applied and distributed. Batch records would be required for each version of the label, making the documentation outlay enormous. If medication with a label in the correct language is not available, this could lead to delays within the supply chain until additional labels can be produced to relieve the bottleneck. An equally high outlay is needed to reuse previously labeled medication that is not longer required.

One label for all markets

A useful option is to include multiple languages on one label. The Faubel Compact® Label with index offers an ideal solution for this. Designed for use in any country, the generous number of pages in this booklet allows all languages to be included in a clearly laid out structure and an easy-to-read font size. In addition to a table of contents, the index makes it easier to quickly locate contents inside the booklet. The thumb index is also available in contrasting colors.

Particularly when it comes to complex products such as medication, the index makes it easier for consumers to access important information. In 2013, the international non-profit organization ISPE (International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) published “guidance for standardizing the use of booklets in global clinical trials”. This guide considers the use of booklets with an index to be a desirable standard and extremely useful for patient compliance.

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