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Inspecting tall products with RAYCON X-ray inspection

At the Interpack 2014 S+S demonstrates the RAYCON 130/240 product inspection system for slim and high products. (Photo: S+S)

The principle focus for S+S Separation and Sorting Technology GmbH at this year’s Interpack, hall 13, stand A90, is the RAYCON series of X-ray based product inspection systems, more specifically the new RAYCON 130/240. This focus reflects the current market trend towards a growing reliance on the use of X-ray technology by food manufacturers and processors in order to meet increased consumer expectations and statutory food safety regulations.

Digital X-ray technology used in RAYCON product inspection system is the most reliable method for the detection of contaminants in individual products. X-rays detect magnetic and non-magnetic metals, glass, ceramics, stones, raw bones, and some types of plastics. RAYCON will inspect products packed in aluminium or in metallised film with higher precision that is possible with the use of conventional metal detection techniques. RAYCON product inspection systems’ performance envelope comprises not just contaminant detection but also other product defects such as broken, deformed, or missing products, clumping, trapped air, and over and underweights.

Exhibition focus on RAYCON 130/240

RAYCON 130/240 shown for the first time at Interpack 2014, is specifically intended for the inspection of slim and tall product e.g. Tetra Pak, pouches, yoghurt pots etc. Individual parameters are saved for each product application and when a product change is initiated the X-ray source automatically moves to the stored position, facilitating system operation and eliminating lengthy set-up times. All the other proven benefits of RAYCON systems (ease of use, sophisticated, reliable X-ray technology, a range of modular belt conveyors and reject systems for customised requirements, flexible, advanced applications and imaging software etc.) are all, of course, included in this latest addition to the range.

S+S will also be showing a range of other proven contaminant inspection systems for the food and packaging industry at the show which takes place in Dusseldorf from 8-14 May 2014.

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