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Infant Formula

Hosokawa VITOMIX, mid shear mixer

The key element in designing an infant formula production line is to ensure the correct content of all components in the premix mixture and the correct ratio between premix and carrier. Meeting the stringent requirements concerning infant food premix is one of the greatest challenges in mixing technology.The challenge is to overcome the contradiction between the very low content of active ingredients (such as vitamins, salts and mineral complexes) and the very small doses of the final product on the one side and the relatively large batches with shortest possible batch times on the other.

Furthermore the focus should be on avoiding inaccuracies in the final packing, because there are serious consequences involved. For this aspect Hosokawa Micron feels the mutual responsibility together with their customers to provide infants with the best possible baby food powder.

Over the years, Hosokawa Micron has supplied a great number of baby food mixers, with unusual combinations of CIP-or custom designed dry-cleaning provisions, high mixing accuracy, large volumes, low energy input and high production capacities. This requires flexibility, dedication and expert engineering.

Until a few years ago, almost all these mixers were based on traditional, proven Vrieco-Nauta technology, very well suitable to reach the highest possible mixing accuracies without risk of segregation and product damage.

We are constantly updating our product range to comply with the latest customer and industry requirements for hygiene, cleaning and prevention of dust explosions. Also, all of our mixers are designed in accordance with the latest EHEDG hygienic design regulations and ATEX directives. Our latest developments in this application of infant food mixing equipment focused on reducing our customer production costs and building heights by introduction of the Vitomix ribbon screw mixer.

The Vitomix features even shorter batch times, better accessibility for often manual dry cleaning while maintaining the highest possible mixing accuracy. Using two conical cantilevered screws, the net energy input to the product is effectively even lower compared to the already very gentle Vrieco-Nauta mixer.

For this application the Vitomix of course is designed with a high level of surface treatment, mixing screws in sanitary design, a large dust- and liquid-tight cleaning door in the wall, hygienic sampler and the Hosokawa ISEM ball segment valve, combining a short discharging time with a sufficient controlled output flow rate.

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